My confession is that I'm an adult male and I have a micropenis. It's due to a medical condition. My d*** when flaccid is 1 1/2" long. When erect it barely reaches 3 inches. Obviously I'm very embarassed and humiliated by it. I want so badly for a woman to accept me as I am but I'm terrified of getting close to anyone because of my infant sized d***. Also because of my medical condition I can't have children. I'm very depressed and lonely and no one knows the real reason. Why would any woman want me?

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  • Hey I am a gay man and love suckin on little c***

  • I know it's easy to say for us, but, don't be ashamed man. You're born the way you are.

    It's easy for me to talk maybe, as I am quite well endowed. But that's not as great as all guys seem to think. You easily hurt a girl, can't go too deep, you can't really lose yourself in the moment ... you always have to keep yourself in control otherwise you'll just thrust it all the way in and hurt her a lot. And don't get me started on a***, it just won't fit. So big and small, they both have down sides. I'm not saying it's the same, I'm sure it's not. But if you were my pall, I wouldn't think any less of you! And your friends shouldn't, if they do, they're not friends.

    I dated models, plain hot girls, from rich families etc. But I found love with a more plain looking girl from a developing Asian country, not rich at all. What I mean by that is ... I do believe love is the most important part. And there is a woman out there that will love you for who you are! Good luck man!

  • Don't suffer with a micro p****. Look up thundersplace. There are a lot of good knowledge on growing a larger Johnson at this site.

  • A micro p**** can be changed. Turn you 3" into 5 or 6 Start here thundersplace.org

  • I have a small p**** too its 9 inches long and 6 inches in girth.

  • You wish! If you got 4 inches it would be a miracle. I hear your man t*** are big though.



  • Dude don't be ashamed..the fact that your p**** is smaller than others isn't the case..if a woman loves you she will understand..else she is'nt the one...to satisfy a woman you only need 2 inches and skills..if you hit her Gspot right you'l be doing what lots of guys can't do with a b*** p****..as for having a baby there are lots of kids wanting to be adopted,the love between a couple and the love an adopted child needs will be heaven for you..good luck :)

  • There is a medical condition that affects females named MRKH/ vaginal agenesis. Most women born with this condition have no depth in their vaginas, and are born without a uterus.
    I am sure that many of them will be asking the same question that you are asking yourself. Who would want them. The answer is the same for them as it is for you. Somebody who loves them.

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