I'm so lonely... so very, very lonely

I'm so lonely... so very, very lonely

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  • samesies.
    Don;t kill yourself

  • So go into a chat room!

  • You people who encourage the poster to commit suicide are heartless and cruel thugs. You really need help.

    To the poster, I hope things get better.

  • :hugs: I know how you feel

  • yes, yes, yes read a book that will make you not lonely anymore puh-leeze.... god just f****** shoot your brains out then you wont be lonely... your obvisly lonely for a reason... no one likes you... so why live if you just pollute the world with your emo-ness

  • there is always stuff to do. read. go to the book store. you'll find alot of people there. and find god. he is looking for you as well.

  • dont listen to the first too there stupid but so am i

  • Get out and find things to do.

  • jump its the only way

  • Suicide is always the answer!

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