I am lonely. Literally have no one to talk to so I lack social skills. Cannot get a job. I just go to college. Hate all students. Panic a lot. And if there is anyone I like they will never like me. I am ignored at all costs. I am very very very lonely. I can only talk to strangers online, but that is a lost art now.

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  • I'll talk to you ??

  • Well with that attitude I can see why you dont have friends, nobody has to change, if this situation makes you unhappy (and it sounds like it does) then YOU and your perception of others have to change.

  • Oh, that's cute.

  • Oh, that's accurate. I could have written this confession except for the rampant self-pity.


  • This won't always be this way - try to get a part-time job, you could meet friends that way

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