One Way Open Relationship

My boyfriend never wants to have s** with me. If I want it, I practically have to molest him in order to get him hard enough, and that's only about once a month or less as it is. Seeing me naked doesn't do it, and neither does letting him know I'm wet and ready. Most people would think he's cheating, but I know that's not it. His s** drive is just super low.

I feel trapped in my own skin these days because I need to get laid more than I ever have before. I'm constantly wet and turned on. I've decided that it isn't fair for me to have to feel like this when other men could just satisfy my physical needs. My boyfriend doesn't want me going anywhere, but I told him he's being selfish to say I can't get it from him or anywhere else either, so I'm still going to go out and do it. I've told him to like it or get out, and he hasn't left, so I'm taking that as a go ahead from him even though I know he isn't thrilled. I'm going to be respectful and not flaunt it in his face, but I am going to get some. I firmly believe this will help our relationship as well because I'll be in a better mood and not throwing it in his face that I'm not satisfied the way I sometimes do when we fight.

I'm a passionate 24-year-old woman, and I'm just not ready to hang up my boots just yet. Giving up s** just isn't an option.

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  • Our one way open relationship is different but one sided as well. In my fifties I'm not the bull I used to be anymore and I have to admit that I miss the satisfied woman my wife used to be in bed when I was in my twenties. We seldom have s**, I have to use a lot of lube and it takes me a lot to come, set aside I don't get her to come anymore. I told her it wasn't fair and confessed to her that what arouses me during s** is knowing she is liking it. She confessed to me that what arouses her is a passionate man. She is the only woman I've had and I don't want any other one; however she had several partners before me and she doesn't hide she thinks sexually of other men although she doesn't physically cheats. I thought it was time to open her side of our marriage. We talked about it and she agreed.

  • 1. He's Gay
    2. He's not attracted to you, and only stays because he has nowhere else to live/ using you
    3. He's addicted to p***
    4. You don't suck his d***
    5. Your p**** might smell like hot garbage,, or feel like a wet rag

  • I've seen this happen before...your p**** probably smells like burning garbage mixed with dead seagull fish barf... Wash your f****** mucus booger c*** take a long shower shave and clean those lower lips well. i cannot stand a woman who has f***** up hygiene issues and expects a man to go ape S*** over a bacteria p**** filled with molten magna aids larva.. I wouldn't want too f*** you either...f****** nasty ass...typical hoe wants to hoe around catch and spread aids

  • I could have written this word-for-word. WORD FOR WORD. I ended up cheating on him a total of 7 times in 2011 (I ended things with the other guy right before the end of the year) and now I'm perpetually plagued with guilt, I even made a confession about it here. I was 25 when I cheated (just turned 26 this year) and he never found out about it, the guilt ans fear of getting caught is what caused me to end things on my own. I love my boyfriend more with each passing day but I'm sorry to say our s** life hasn't improved - he's in the mood about once a month.

  • Selfish fleshy desires always ruin good things and the life you coulda had

  • If you show him the respect of not being obvious about it and hook up with a guy or guys who won't become too attached you should be fine. Ideally, you'll find some guy who just loves to f*** and knows how to satisfy a woman without expecting more. It may need to be a married man who isn't getting any at home. Don't waste that wetness.

  • Sounds like hes gay lol

  • Here's an idea.. instead of cheating, why don't you just break up with your bf. Then you can go and be with and sleep with whoever you want? Seems pretty're just making it more difficult.

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