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I'm a married 42 year old man and have a friends with benefits relationship with a 19 year old female. The s** is absolutely fantastic. She does everything my wife won't, and lets me teach her and loves to explore different things, even if she ends up not liking it. She's open minded, cute, and has a kickin' bod. My wife, on the other hand, has no idea about men and their needs and has completely let herself go. Until I met my FWB (and my FWB I truly mean that, there is no monetary incentive for her) I'd get one maybe two reluctant b******* every few years, only after a day or two of innuendo then straight up begging. Her father was very feminine and "un-masculine" like and her mother is very controlling of her and her sisters. When we do have s** it's in one maybe two positions, and she can only o***** one way. I've tried to help her, but she has conservative views on s** and life in general.

My 19 year old FWB enjoys the relationship as much as I do, and I think gets off on being with an older man. Don't want to take it too far and get too involved, as I know it will (most likely) end up badly but I have begun wondering if it could possibly work out. It's a cliched trap that so many men act out and now I can see why.

I hope some older middle aged married women are reading this and go give their husbands some much-needed b*******.


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  • I'm a 20yr old girl and I LOVE older men. My last boyfriend was 38 and soo f****** sexy. I've never had anyone make me feel as good as he did.

  • She's overage f*** her hard.

  • Wow, it's really ironic because I had almost exactly the same situation. When I was 42 and married, I met a 19-year-old nude dancer and started dating her on the side, because my wife was super-frigid and wouldn't try to improve things in the bedroom. The difference was that I actually did provide this girl a place to live and paid some of her bills, but it wasn't just a transaction because we really did care for each other and we even hung out together without s** sometimes (movies, dinners, etc.) and spoke frequently during nearly every day. She'd been sexually abused by her father and thrown out of the house by her parents when she was 16, and I think at first she looked at me as an alternative father ("father with benefits"?). After four years of dating, and over a year of sexual exclusivity, I left my wife and family and married Corrine. I was exactly twice her age (my 46 to her 23) at that point, but she made me happy and so I wanted to be with her. Almost immediately, we had a baby, who's now nearly three, and Corrine is pregnant with our second child. I've never been happier. So, you can see that these sorts of relationships can be successful no matter how unlikely that might seem.

  • You should absolutely continue to develop the outside relationship, not only because you want to and she wants you to, and not only because it provides what both of you need (and are entitled to), but because you have no idea what it could become. The longer you stay with the girlfriend and the more time you spend together -- in and out of bed -- the better you'll be able to tell whether THAT should be your primary relationship. Yes, it could TOTALLY work out, and you should be thinking of that EVERY time you're with her. It's only a trap if you play it dumb or take unnecessary risks (make sure she's taking her pills), so don't let what people say about affairs or what you see on TV alter your perspective on this: you started the affair for a reason, and that reason still persists. Stay with the girlfriend.

  • If you don't have kids, dump the wife man. You're obviously not happy and she has no idea of how to make a relationship work. You're the one who is making it work by holding out. You don't have to put up with this. And you should tell her straight to her face : "I don't have to put up with this. I have needs too and even after years of trying you refuse to help me with those. Because of that I've been entertaining the idea of leaving you and finding someone else". 5 seconds of courage and you'll know what she's worth. Either she starts to 'lend you a hand' or she'll say "ok, see you". Enjoy the FWB btw!

  • Im 17 and friends with a 32 year old man and we are friends with benifits he will teach me all sorts of positions, we will do it in the shower and in a tent with people around, he said iF we lived closer we would date but we live to far away but i love giving him bj i love to please him :)

  • Sounds like your gaining some valuable experience being with him and you don't seem to have any hang ups about it, so that's a good thing as long as you enjoy each other and he's not making you do things against your will there is nothing wrong with the relationship/friendship you have with this man, in fact 20years ago I was 32 and was in a relationship with a 16year old girl who is now my wife and we have 4 children from that so called taboo relationship..
    so don't listen to these negative people bad mouthing you and your friend, and just do what makes you both happy it's your lives not anybody else's...

  • He's a f****** pedo! Report him to the authorities and see a therapist for help!

  • 17 is legal in some states.

  • Some one should report you for being such an idiot, pedophiles like pre pubescent children, I don't doubt that you've been to a therapist(The-rapist)yourself and they've brainwashed you to think what they want you to think, they've raped your brain and conscience of any cognitive ability to think for your own self... they work for what you call the "authorities" or didn't you know that? get a clue! you're nothing more then a mind controlled stooge of the authorities and so are other like mined people.

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