Not happy sexually

When my now wife and I first went out together the s** was great, adventurous and fun. From getting b******* while her parents and niece were in the car with us, s** in public places, handjobs on the side of the road, s** with someone sleeping next to us no more than a metre away and just s** in general almost everyday. She would let me slide my d*** between her a*** cheeks, or her b****** to get myself off and then take my load in her mouth and I was able to finger her or give her oral quite a bit.

10+ years down the line, we're married, a little larger, have three kids and the extent of our s** is a little missionary here and there. She doesn't like me fingering her any more, she doesn't like oral either way and all in all it's quite boring.

I'm a very sexual person and quite often find myself looking at other girls and p***, not only l****** after them, but reminiscing about old times and wishing my wife was the same as what she was back in the days.

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  • your wife could just be insecure about herself and/or her body, like you said its been 10+ years and you've had kids. Try to let her know you still think she's beautiful and amazing, it may help, or it might not.. idk

  • Oh, don't give me that s***. She's his wife. She owes him s**, or he deserves to go get it, elsewhere.

  • Same here at 27 years of marriage. And she acts like it's an abomination if I even make a racy remark to her, about her, in private! I cannot recall the last time she hugged me or let me hug her. If I ever get a kiss, it's for show in front of her sisters (she wants the appearance of the "perfect life" in front of them).

    The girlfriend idea seems to make sense m. Although it feels morally indefensible to me, it would be a huge burden off her shoulders,
    sweet relief for me, and keep things much
    more peaceful at home. I'm a grumpy, moody,
    deressed guy without it on a frequent basis.

    I used to worry about bringing home a disease or something. A celibate marriage has assuaged that fear! In fact, she just said, "I bet you'll be glad when u get older and your libido drops off."


  • OMG...hickory dickory dock, the b**** was sucking my c***, I shot my goo, and dumped the b**** on the next block...YOUR wife has a f****** problem, literally!!

  • My wife's problem was a hormonal imbalance of low progesterone. She finally went to a doctor to see why she had no libido. It was becoming a real problem in our marriage and she went to her ob/gyn to try and sort it out.

    Come clean and tell her how you feel. With me, the lack of s** was part of it. Bigger issue was becoming her unwillingness to show any affection at all.
    Things are getting better. On weekends for the last few weeks she's slept in a silk teddy with no underwear. A few nights ago she was up late and I came downstairs and slipped her pants off when she hugged me. Weeknight s**. Didn't think I'd see that again.

  • This problem is way more common than is acknowledged by the mainstream media/entertainment industry and therefore we get all of these idyllic marriages on TV and it's a load of horseshit. Go get yourself a girlfriend - that will fix it for you AND your wife because she will not feel inadequate as she has nothing to ive anymore.

  • well said

  • 1. You both need to go on the "blood type diet" can google it.
    2. If bringing up s** causes you wife to be offended or mad, then you might as well dump her...her message to you is: You are not going to f*** me again! Woman have a "f*** chip" in the head, and that chip burns out in many chicks way too early...stop suffering, and do what I did..I told my wife that I'm getting a girlfriend because she didn't like to f*** anymore...I now sleep at my gf's house 3 nights a week...

  • i am living same h*** except 30 years married

  • You have hit the nail on the head I have been going through that same s** was great then after marriage maybe 10 years it turned bad she only wants wants s** when she wants it she acts like it is normal I keep telling her over and over when I say something she and I fight now 43 years have gone by and we are still fighting over s** I have wanted to leave so many times and then she gives in we have s** for a little bit and boom it is back again I told her after blowing up again the other day I wanted a divorce I can't go through life like this even though we are in our 60's now I have gone without to long I still want s** and still desire her very much even though she has let her body go down hill I think she would go on like this for ever I am sick of it I hope to find joy again and s** again

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