Masturbation Theater

I went to the movie theater last night and sat next to a couple just 3 seats between me and the young sexy blonde in the back row of the theater during the last showing.
I was wearing a pair of jeans with the front crotch cut out and a spandex thong with the bottom front cut out so my b**** would hang free and could pull my p**** out without problem. I was also wearing a spandex blend tube top type dress with a pair of false breast with one of my own shirts on top and my long coat so I can walk around with my p****/b**** out when standing around anyone and play with myself. At the theater as soon as the movie started I pulled my p**** out and was playing with it with this girl 3 seats from me.
Soon after the movie started, I went down to the restroom for I had brought a 4 in. vibrator and hand lotion. I lubed up my ass and went back to the movie, now I wanted to put the vibrator in my ass and proceeded to probe my ass with my finger so I could get it to slide in easy, but sitting in the seat made it hard to do, when I finally got it I noticed the blonde whispering to her boyfriend,and shortly after that he got up and went to the lobby.
This was my chance to more openly play with my p**** with the lotion now, but he didn't stay gone long enough for me to c**. I played with my p**** through the whole two and half hour show and vibrated my ass during the loud scenes.
When the movie was over the couple stood up to leave, so I hurried to get right behind her so that I may be able to touch her ass with my fingers or p**** if given the chance, or better that I would have been able to c** on her ass as we were exiting down the theaters narrow hallway. Needless to say, they were walking to fast for that to happen, but I did get my fingers within an inch of her nice ass. I am still in the dress and the vibe still in my ass, going to get the lotion and finish what I started earlier. Thanks for listening.

Apr 15, 2012

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  • Just go f*** yourself

  • hey can u f*** me????

  • See you at the unicorn farm tomorrow, idiot.

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