Crushes or Crushes?

I am 14 right now and i have a crush on a girl which is also 14. She is the most cuttest girl our lever. She isn't in my class but we meet many time and have meet eye before so i am not sure she like or not. So how can i know that she like me or not. Btw i know her FB. She is always with her friend so i don't have the chance to talk to her. She is sporty and i am semi-sporty. Thanks. Btw some of my friend flirt with her too. I kinda hate them for flirting :)

I have another girl in my class which have a crush on me. I only like her as a friend because some of my perverted friends influnce her friends and her so that now she is perverted as well.
Should i accept her as my girl friend or should i have a look out for that girl (above)?

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  • Im 14 too and if you dont like the one that has a crush on you but dont stand a chance of getting the other one id still take the one that has the crush just so you get to know how it is to have a gf =)

  • But the thing is I don't have any feeling in that girl

  • Wow..this used to be an adult site. Go j*** off on your action figures kid.

  • Don't listen to this troll

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