I got a pet walrus named William.

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  • Well thats all nice and good but since you said the name william you have now triggered me, time for another schizophrenic and delusional diatribe about the royals and how i know them personally and how they done me dirty, yes me personally. well heres the part where i say something about meghan and harry since they're in the news now more than william and kate, oh yeah also the queen cheated me at poker and stole my toothbrush, that dirty woman. well i should also throw something vaguely racist in here too but i think ill stick with my usual rambling theme about the royals who are all lily white, especially that redhead harry. well i really love starting every single sentence with the word well as well as chattering endlessly about the royals' lack of wellness. well sad sick in the head "royals" poster, are you aware now of how stupid you are? well you are, no matter how many badly written works of fiction you post on other people's confessions. well.

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