Muslim women are the best women on earth. Praise Allah

American women are not modest, they are loud, they don't go to church, they change men like they change underwear everyday, they cant keep a man, they don't respect men. they want to have power, they don't cook for their children or man, they like to go to jail, they smell bad, they are lazy, they are racist to the Muslim communities. I hate being in america, but i'm married to a man that works here. American women need to start acting like women instead of little children. No one will respect you. and i don't , i don't talk or be friends with these kinds of idiots. American women don't want a husband, they want a dog they play and pet. Basic women want a pet. And that's what american women are.... Basic. They are turning their men into tricks. if want to be a girl in your life. Go be a lesbian. Stop changing men into little girls. Muslim men are 30 times the man. Our men are 100 percent men.


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  • I pretty much agree.
    I'm English and have a Sikh friend euth much higher moral standards than the majority of English women.
    I respect Tajinder totally.
    She makes Western women look so cheap.

  • Paki Treacherous hole you are. Leave my country right now and go back to the swamp where you came from. Stupid judgemental good for nothing j***

  • Racist idiot.
    Women from the east are far more trustworthy and decent compared to our western women.
    I hate to say it but it's true.

  • Then get the f*** outta here and be with your kind

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