I caught her

We have a cleaner who comes to our house three times a week. She is a minger she has long dark hair an old looking face and no teeth but she does a good job keeping our home clean.
I was in my room one morning messing around with a wireless cctv camera and decided to see what whould happen if i hide the camera outside my bedroom door on the landing behind the bookcase. I posistioned it high and in a good spot out of of sight.She knows If my bedroom door is closed or locked she won't come in at all.I watched her going in and out of my parents bedroom and vacum and dust all about. I don't know what came over me I suddenly got turned on watching her and I decided to have a w*** off. I was starting my self off after a few minutes and she stood out side my bedroom door listening, she walked away but came back and stood listening again, i then saw her stroking her breast outside her shirt and then slip her hand inside her skirt i watched her as we came together without eachother knowing

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  • Something does not add up with meghan's family or harry. I reckon they are all alcoholics and druggies. beggin' meghan mother looked like a child bride of about 12 and it looks sick. outside same place hugh grant done a prostitute???? black too. this is like a mystery story telling you things. listen carefully. why is this dude with a old black granny drawn faced married many times and notice ex say sharing custody with royals- did meghan and him have kids secretly hey. not surprising at all. i bet he was up to it in helping her marry up. her ex helped her to marry a royal as well. i will catch the truth.

  • That sounds damn hot! Take it to the next level, dude! ;)

  • Hey juce her up to ur room then to bed

  • wwwwwwWWWWWWWWHAT? Is this serious??

  • The next step is obvious. Find an opportunity to invite her into your room and tell her how you feel about her. She might surprise you with mutual good feelings and share your bed. Old ugly women like s** as well as young pretty girls do, and are very grateful to get it. She might be the best you ever get...

  • hmm that's not good because if she wasn't consenting to being your pornstar it could be technically rape....

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