Aunt + Nephew 1

I fooled around with my Aunt when I was in high school. She had broke up with my uncle & he moved overseas. She was living in a two bedroom flat with her son, my cousin (he was 2) I stayed there this one night. It was late. We watched a movie. After it finished I looked & saw she was asleep. She was on the couch. Laying on her side. Her legs were bent & spread open (she was wearing a long shirt with NO panties) Then I saw it.. Her p****. Her Vag Lips. Her Pink Bits. My heart was racing. By then I was hyped. I took my two fingers and slid them inside her. She clamped down. I looked. She was still asleep.. Then I fingered her slowly. I was playing with her lips. Then her c***. Thats when she moved. She put her hand over her face & spread her legs more. I was hard and ready to f*** her. But just as I was about to lay between her legs her son woke up and started crying :D So I sat back down (I was on a bean bag up against the couch) & she got up & went to her sons room. Then i went outside for a cigarette. When I came back in I was hoping she would be back on the couch, but no. She was in her bedroom. When I tried to open the door, it was locked. 'NOOO' i thought. Then I went & slept on the couch :)


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