Daughters friend

I'm a 39 year old dad to an 18 year old daughter. My daughter has a friend named Gea who has innocently flirted with me for the last several years, no big deal nothing has ever happened.
My wife and I decided to renovate the master bedroom and bath, so we moved into the guest bedroom. The other day Gea decided to spend the night and slept on the couch. In the middle of the night I got up to pee and walked into the bathroom. There sitting on the toilet was Gea with her leg up on the hamper. She was rubbing her c*** and looking at her phone. At first she tried to cover herself quickly, until she realized it was me. Then she put her phone down, opened her legs back up, and continued rubbing herself as she looked at me. I don't know why I didn't walk out, but I didn't. I just stood there and watched her until she o*****. Then she got up, kissed me on the cheek, and left.

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  • Hun im on post called i wish my father/stepfather would die xxx

  • I dont give a s*** and you are happy i bet im gone. i will do my own f****** thing.

  • There you go again f this f that a lot of s** going on. You are so used to f ing alot. I quit using bad language many many years ago I am better than gutter talk. I love you son

  • What h*** are you talking about.

  • You using the f word so much it is bad language you know better. Stop using it. I love you son.

  • I can do what i f****** like got it. i love you daddy.

  • Does your sister use that language? I love you son
    F****** is having s** with the person you are saying it to so are we going to have s** son?

  • My little sister is mostley good. we are f****** boys and cant do stuff. i feel like doing a runner. i love you daddy.

  • So you are having s** with the boys.You said f****** boys. I love you son.

  • You are wreck my head and what are you saying. i love you daddy.

  • You said f****** boys so you are having s** with them.I love you son

  • You a******.

  • Stop saying that or i could punch you like them a****** boys in church got it. i love you daddy.

  • Go ahead and try a******.

  • Ye i thought so and f*** off so.

  • I thought you wanted too be my daddy and you dont f****** give a s***. how about i just do my own thing and you find a better son. i dont f****** care anymore and i should light fire in my room with my lighter.

  • So you are going to burn your house down so your sister will have to look for a place to live. You are so selfish son. I love you son.

  • I hope your happy now.

  • You set a fire did you? Son of all things not that. I love you son and I am not happy I am sad.

  • Hun go too post called. i wish my father would die xxx

  • I did not do it yet and im mad at you and the others ok. i love you daddy.

  • Be mad at me and punch me good so I do not get up and end up in hospital. I love you son

  • You get my message hun xxx

  • I dont want too hit you daddy. but i will hit my dad when he gets home from work. i love you daddy.

  • I love you dearly son.

  • I thought you hated me like rest off them.

  • I do not hate you I love you sincerely son I am crying as I type this you mean so much to me.

  • L was going too do what i said later in park and take the tablets also. i thought you hated me. i love you daddy.

  • I am crying more now do not do that son I really love you so much don't do this please don't.

  • I will wait till my sisters birthday like i said daddy. i allways get sad and everybody says im a brat. im not scared too do it i promise daddy. i love you daddy.

  • You would hurt me for the rest of my life when you take your own life. Oh son you want to hurt me so bad. I love you so much.

  • Why do you care about me when everybody says im a brat. my teacher prinsbale mom dad pastur and some people in church. i love you daddy.

  • But I love you son and I forgive you for doing bad things. So should the preacher he should learn as God forgives.

  • But he spanks me sometimes if i get in trouble in sunday school. i wish i lived with you. i love you daddy.

  • So do I son I feel your pain I really do.You have no idea how much I love you.

  • I cant beleave you love me that much. my sister is home and said dinner is ready soon. i love you daddy.

  • Believe it son I really do love you and we can have fun later like truth or dare.I love you son

  • Ok daddy and thanks for loveing me daddy. even though everybody says im a brat. i love you daddy.

  • Have dinner and be good. I love you son.

  • My dads a f****** a******. i love you daddy.

  • He is a s** intercourse a****** I am sure he is nothing new. I love you son.

  • What daddy.

  • We know he is a ass. So what big deal. Are you doing OK. I love you son.

  • Daddy i meant i dont care if you want too leave me its ok. i love you daddy.

  • Look son I know you are better and you have proven that to me.You have a challenge ahead of you and that is to control your temper and not have the temper control you and then bad things happen. I love you so much son and I know you can prove to others that you are not a brat.

  • Why the h*** should you care what i do anyway. i love you daddy.

  • Because I want to be proud of you.I love you son.

  • Well nobody else gives a f*** and wont miss me when im gone. i love you daddy.

  • I told you I would miss you so much. I love you son more than I can say.

  • I love you too daddy but im not afraid to die.

  • Why do you want to give up? You are fighter so fight to be better person that I will be proud more. I love you son.

  • Ye thought so and good luck. told you i dont need anybody. i thought you were my daddy. now f*** off then so.

  • There you go again F****** IS HAVING S** DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?
    I love you son

  • Stop annoy me then. my a****** mom spanked me in store and you think thats ok. i love you daddy and i feel im on my own daddy.

  • I love you son.

  • I feel like crying and i cant because im 10 and im brave. i love you daddy.

  • I will cry with you. I love you son.

  • Ye then what ever and good night. i love you daddy.

  • You are my son just the way you are. I love you son.

  • I wish i was not born. i love you daddy.

  • I am glad you were born I have a awesome son. I love you son.

  • My a****** dad woke me up and said im going too be studeing and said im lucky he not useing his belt on my butt over what happend while out with mom yesterday. he is a f****** p**** and i will knock him out. i love you daddy.

  • Son first thing I need to hug you so much even kiss you. I love you so much son I am glad I have you.

  • You want too hug me dad and kiss me dadddy even though im 10 and a boy. i love you daddy.

  • It is affection I am showing you. What a parent does with their children no matter what their age is. I hug because it shows my love for you and in return you get a warm feeling that your parent really cares about you.I love you son.

  • I feel like crying again daddy. i love you daddy.

  • It is ok to cry because we are emotional people. I love you son so much I really would love to hold you in person.

  • I wish you were here now then and let me cry with you daddy.

  • Wish daddy was real rich in money that I could find you and take you home with me. I love you son.

  • I wish i cold live with you too. i love you daddy.

  • I know you do. At least for now we can talk .

  • I dont care daddy and im a brat..

  • You do not care why not? I love you son

  • Why dont you just let me do what i plan to do daddy after my sisters birthday. you will find a better son whos not a brat. i love you daddy.

  • My a****** mom made a show off me. i will get her and my a****** dad back. i love you daddy.

  • I keep think off what i said im going too do. i just want too be on my own forever. im better off and at least people cant say im a brat and stuff. i. did not want talk with anybody. my mom was knock on my door and i said too leave me alone. a****** mom said open door and get something too eat and do studie. but im not eating because i dont feel like it. she slapped my shorts on my butt and said dont even start today. plus i have too go f****** store with her later and i dont want too. i dont get why you like me daddy and why you want me as a son. im a f****** brat and looser like everybody says. i dont care if you dont want too leave me either. i love you daddy.

  • Well your the one who is being f****** mean too me. i love you daddy

  • Why are you f****** being mean to me for nothing.

  • Daddy i hope you find me and im not a f****** coward. i love you daddy.

  • Hello daddy off 9 year old daughter here.

  • Hello there and post disspperd. Dad off 9 year old daighter. Need too go wake my sleeping beauty.

  • Hello again daddy off little girl. Was just onto you..

  • Gea and the wife ran into each other again this weekend. The wife decided to get a little more aggressive and beat the s*** out of her. She came home with a black eye, bunch of cuts on her face, and fat lip. I asked her what the h*** happened and she told me. I called the wife up and told her if she ever laid a hand on Gea again, I would press charges against her. F****** b****. She told me it was my fault she beat the crap out of Gea. She told me it was my last chance to dump Gea before she f***** my world up. I think it's time to talk with my lawyer again.

  • Gea asked me this weekend if I would get married to her if she graduated from college. I told her if she graduated with at least a two year degree, kept her job, and the wife and I divorced by then, and we should be, then yes I would marry her.

  • Good news. Gea found a job. I didn't even know she was looking. She got hired as a teachers aid at the elementary school and she's super excited to be starting on Tuesday. I think she wants to go to college and get her teaching degree, so this will be a good trial to see if she really likes it.
    I know Gea and I have been dating for only a few days, but I think she truly is in love with me. She's trying really hard to make sure things work. My wife and soon to be ex stopped by and she was a b**** to Gea. She berated her and even smacked her in the face, but Gea never said a word back to her and only flinched when the wife smacked her. I kept trying to get the wife to calm down but she wouldn't. I made her leave when she smacked Gea. That was uncalled for.
    I'm glad Gea is trying so hard. I think I'll get her some flowers and take her out for a nice dinner tomorrow.

  • This is all excellent news, and I'm appreciative that you continue to take the time to inform us of the developments. It sounds to me like Gea is more mature than your wife, even though the wife is more than twice her age. I know it may not have seemed so at the time, but I believe this is going to work out for the very best for you and Gea, if that hasn't already happened.

    My only thought different from yours is this. Given the circumstances -- her new job, her new quarters, and her total victory over your wife (by taking the high road in their confrontation, AND BY TAKING YOU) -- I think that, in addition to dinner and flowers, you should get her a very nice piece of jewelry or clothing or both (make it like Christmas morning for her) to show how impressed you are with her and her maturity, and how important she is to you. Make her feel secure and cared for and protected. Most of all, let her know absolutely that you care for her more than you care for (or ever cared for) your wife. Girls love comparisons when they have won, and Gea has CLEARLY won.

    As always, thanks for your updates, and best wishes with this wonderful girl.

  • When I was 19 I married the woman of my dreams. We had two kids, life was grand. When I was around 38 I ended up with a sickness that killed 99.9% of my skin. Needless to say I was in the hospital burn unit for years undergoing treatment. During this time my wife left me. By the time I was 44 I had recovered enough where I had started to go out. Unlike burn victims, my sickness caused the skin on my body to eventually regenerate and as a result I had new skin on a 44 year old body. I looked all of maybe 18 so all the teenage girls would hit and me. I ended up going out with a lovely girl who had just graduated high school. We got married and are still married today. I just retired from my job a few months ago but I don't look a day over 40. I love my wife and she loves me. We have been in love and married now for 21 years. My point is it can work if you two want it to. Good luck.

  • Gea and I finally decided to go out on a date. I took her out this weekend to a nice dinner and a movie. We had several long talks about our relationship this past week and although Gea has always wanted a relationship with me, she was sorry it started under these circumstances.
    We discussed things that I would expect and things that she would expect. I have asked her to obtain her college education even if it's only at the local college. She agreed and said she had already been talking to the guidance councilor and plans to attend in the spring semester. She said she has always been attracted to me, but for years just put it out of her head.
    Obviously I'm still a little skeptical about the whole thing, but for now I agreed to give it a shot. Gea has moved from the couch into my bedroom. I guess we'll see where this goes.

  • OUTSTANDING! I'm so glad to hear this fabulous news! And I love the fact that you're both going about this in such a measured and reasonable way, planning your steps, thinking through all your next steps, and talking to each other about the future in general, and each step along the way. I know it may not feel like it right now, but I truly believe that you have improved your life and your future, and that you are going to be so so so so so so much happier with Gea than with your wife and daughter. Gea is going to give you much better children, too, once she's out of college and the two of you are married. Gea is who you are supposed to be with. She's known that for several years, and was waiting to show you that future at a point when you would no longer have fear of touching her and entering her. And now, you know it, too. Please keep us all informed about how things go with the two of you. THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD!!! Thanks for sharing with us! You are our hero!

  • Little too excited there bud. You want subtle mockery. Toner down a bit.

  • Yah you need to keep after her. don't let up.

  • My wife caught me f****** Gea one night and needless to say s*** hit the fan. She kicked me out and I'm now living in an apartment. Daughter won't talk to me and she's p***** at Gea so they're not talking either. Gea's mother found out and they got into a fight, now she's homeless and needed a place to live so I let her move in with me. Needless to say that didn't go over so well, so now everyone thinks we are together, eventhough we're really not. Only thing positive to come out of this whole thing is now Gea and I can be together without the fear of getting caught. We do have each other and that's good because everyone else in the world is p***** at both of us.

  • Ever hear the term don't eat where you s****? The grief coming your way is far from over and who knows what it's going to cost you. Just because you couldn't stay away from a legal aged kid.

  • Oh I have a good idea of what this is going to cost. I'm pretty much starting over with nothing. The only thing I walked away with so far was my truck. We haven't gone to court yet, but my lawyer is saying it will be an even split because we both work and make the same salary. Our daughter is 18, so there is no child support and she already has her college fund setup. So other than the fact that it was s***** to my wife, it should be an even and clean split.

  • I had hoped that you would be able to work this so you'd have the best of both worlds, but that may have been too much to hope for. Still, you certainly have the best of THIS world, because you wound up with Gea. Truly brilliant, my good man: WELL DONE!! Keep us posted on how things go with this incredible young lady, and how the relationship develops. We want to know!!!

  • God, she is soooooo hot! Hope you're still tapping that...….

  • Aren't you worried that she has set a trap for you?

  • More details! Please!

  • This is one of the hottest posts I've ever read. Please tell us how things are progressing with you and this wonderful girl of yours. I have a hundred questions, but just tell us what you'd like us to know. Wow!!!

  • Renovations are finished so the wife and I moved back into the master bedroom.
    Gea spent the night last night, and everytime I would look at her she would wink at me.
    We all went to bed around 11:00pm and sometime around 3:00am I snuck down stairs to see if Gea was awake. All the bedrooms are upstairs except for the guestroom, it's downstairs. Anyway, I slowly open the guestroom door and whisper Gea's name. I figured I would have to actually wake her up but to my surprise she answered the first time and told me to come in. I stepped in and closed the door asking if she interested in having some fun. She said of course she was and had been expecting me long before now. I stripped off my shorts and crawled in bed with her. She was already naked. We kissed a few times and then I made my way down to her p****. It was sweet tasting and smelled like delicious honey. I licked the sides of her c*** and sucked on her lips before tongue f****** her. It only took a few minutes before Gea had a massive o***** arching her body and clamping her legs around my head. I tried to continue but she insisted that I f*** her.
    We spent about 30 minutes f****** and then I snuck back up to my own bed.
    I hope Gea spends the night more often now.

  • Oh My God!!! You are such a hero to all of us out here in InternetLand. I had been hoping you would set your scruples aside (what are they good for, anyway???) and do to this girl what she wanted you to do to her. She wasn't just looking for a man to do her; she was looking for YOU to do her. Thank you for manning up and giving her what she wanted and needed. And thanks, too, for letting us know you'd finally done what she was virtually BEGGING you to do. I hope you'll keep us all updated on the relationship with Gea. She sounds wonderful and beautiful and really just the ideal mate and partner for you. Have the two of you spoken at all of marriage? I know, I know: it's early. But I just have the feeling that this relationship is ALREADY more than just a sexual one, and that you'll never be able to look at your wife and consider her adequate ever again. Best wishes, hero!!!! And thanks again!!!!

  • ….you need to knock her little ass up...….SHE wants it.....and you know YOU want it..... when a woman wants your babies you must oblige...… don't you agree???!?

  • I wish you were my neighbor. I would line up your daughter in the same room a Gea. We can ifile tower both bi tches.

  • Aww, what's the matter. Wifey poo not giving you any because she f****** someone else?
    Try your mom, she put out last night for me. B**** was screaming hard when I f***** her in the ass.

  • Ok, so Gea finally spent the night again last night. And like last time I got up several times, but no Gea. I have a special project going on at work and needed to go in to check on the status. I hadn't noticed Gea get up, and as I was about to walk out the door, Gea stopped me and asked if she could get a ride back to her moms house. I work about 45 minutes away and Gea lives about 20 minutes in between my house and work. I agreed and she left a note for my daughter saying she had left for home.
    We had no more than left town and Gea told me that now would be a good time to have s** if I still wanted to. I was speechless as I didn't expect to hear what she said. Before I could even answer she reached over and started rubbing my d***. I stopped her saying we couldn't because I didn't have a condom. She told me it was ok because she's on the pill. Then she told me that I had seen her p**** and it was time to repay. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my d***. I started looking for a side road to pull over on when she started to give me a b******. I finally found a place and we got in the back seat. Gea pulled off all her clothes exposing her perfect pink little t******. They were pretty small, but then again Gea is not a very big person. I got between her legs and rubbed my d*** on her p****. She was wet and I was hard as a rock. After a few seconds of rubbing precum on her c*** and lips, I pushed my d*** up inside her nice tight little p****. She let out a gasp and arched her back up. I then started f****** her hard and fast. Several minutes in Gea let out a screaming o***** and soaked the back seat of my car. Including my d*** and b****. I couldn't take it anymore and unloaded my c** into her perfect p****.
    After we got dressed and were on our way again, Gea asked if we could do this again sometime. I told her we could as long as she never spoke a word about it to anyone. She agreed and said she would try to get back tonight.

  • I wish tou can bang me like you did with Gea

  • He probably don't bang dudes

  • I bet that pretty pink f****** p**** felt like a million bucks around your c***. You need to f*** that girl doggy and show her how a real man f****, instead of some punk as kid who don't even know where his d*** is.

  • …..you shoulda hit it that first night......don't let it pass you again...….ever......

  • Maaan, you need to tap dat ass.
    Not every day that some 18 year old perky little thing wants to f*** your old ass. You need to hit it before she change her mind.

  • ^This dude^ has it exactly right. Every word is truth. Every word. If you don't do as he says, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Every day. Listen to him. Every word.

  • Im not a dude. Im a rapped ape!!! 🦍

  • We are men and men=Dog

  • Men are dogs and b****** be hoes.
    Do you have a point n****?

  • The point is y r u not using ur drilling machine..weirdo

  • N**** please

  • Regardless of gender, everyone are individuals. The op's gender has no implications on his behaviour, his individuality does.

  • Ok, so Gea spent the night again last night. And several times in the night I got up and went to the bathroom. No repeat of the other night. So I walked into the livingroom where Gea was sleeping, but she was not awake.
    This morning I got up and got ready for work. As I was sitting on the deck drinking coffee, Gea came out and joined me. We had small talk and then I said I had gotten up several times last night to go to the bathroom. Her face turned red and she apologized for what had happened the last time. I assured her it was fine and that I actually enjoyed the show. Then I told her she must never tell my wife and daughter. She agreed whole heartedly and said she would never speak of anything. I asked her if she was going to spend the night again tonight but she said she couldn't. She has to go help her grandmother today and she probably wouldn't have time. I told her if she wanted to come back, I would happy to "C**" get her. She giggled and said she'd try to make it back tonight. So we'll see if she shows up or calls for a ride.

  • Spank that girl and then leave her alone...

  • Gea must be taught a lesson for provoking you. Show her what you are made up off

  • So...…...how did things go with Gea last night? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

  • Sorry nothing happened. I hope she comes back tonight. I'm kind of excited and nervous at the same time. I just hope I can trust her not to say anything if something does happen.

  • I wonder he would say lot of hardwork plus enjoyment

  • A line has been crossed, because you let it. You need to set some boundaries with this girl and fast, if you don't intend to end up breaking your marriage vows.

  • Original post writer here.....Trust me, Gea has a perfect pink p****. And I would love nothing more than to f*** that girl. I would love to see her little t****** now that I've seen her p****. Too bad she had a night shirt on and had her t****** covered up.....
    But, the rational side of my brain, you know, the part that keeps you from doing dumb ass s*** in your life is telling me I have everything to lose and not a whole lot to gain. Maybe if I could f*** her and no one know about it, I would go for it, but I can't be sure Gea won't spill the beans afterwards. Maybe if she doesn't say anything about this night, I'll see if she wants more.
    She is supposed to spend the night again tonight. So we'll see.

  • Thanks for sharing your perspective. I regret your reluctance, but at the same time . . . . . . I think it's likely she's going to ratchet up the pressure tonight. And for your sake, I hope I'm right. Either way, though, enjoy having her around . . . and enjoy the show. :)

  • I agree with some of the others below: you need to go to work on that girl. She's totally hot, she's clearly ready for you, and she's certainly eager. I say...….GO FOR IT! You'll always regret it if you don't. Put her in play and see what happens!

  • Admit it you are weak. You will f*** her if you get another chance

  • Yaw, n_i_gg_e_r in the woodpile here. It doesn't wash. Try again later when you're not half in the bag.

  • Evidently you have a lack of education. Your comment made no sense. Maybe try again later after you have been educated.

  • You did nothing wrong just know where your priorities are

  • Disregard this of course. It's either a idiot or a demented pervert with no testosterone within.

  • Or someone who actually thinks about things before doing something stupid.
    I'm sure he thought about f****** her. The fact that he's married and she's his daughters friend was probably a big reason why he didn't.

  • Good choice too leave it be..

  • What she did was an open invitation. You should accept.

  • I couldn't accept, I'm married to a wonderful women. We have are ups and downs like everyone, but I'm happy. Plus, Gea is my daughters best friend and she's only 18.
    I haven't seen p**** that young and beautiful in 20 years, so yes I truly did like the show she was giving me, but that is all it could ever be, just a show.

  • You're kidding yourself. You have to go back after that. You need it, and she needs it. Do it.

  • I would have f***** her silly

  • The op isn't you. Don't assume everyone has your low standards!

  • Did she flush? It's so annoying when you go to the look and the previous person has left it unflushed.

  • The lid was down, so I'm pretty sure she was only in there to pleasure herself.

  • Wow

  • That was my thought when she continued what she was doing.

  • Im a single dad and cought my 9 year old fingering herself.? Please no rude comments. Allthough i know i will rescive some. My? Is this and i think she is way too young for this...

  • Well. I'm a dad to 3 girls. I'm not trying to catch them but after giving then Our Bodies Our Selves.... I asked my wife about her own experiences. She said she discovered the pleasure of rubbing the pubic bone and hood. It felt good and would rub for a long time. Didn't learn how to c** for ages. Then she explained how she discovered what handmovements feel best. She would m********* so much and for so long she had to change hands multiple times because one would get tired.

    As for catching your daughter explain that she can do it and it's good for her health and happiness. Just that it is a very private thing and may shock others if they see her like you did. Or whatever.

    It's best that she learns about positive self image and confidence and isn't scolded for a natural body function. No shame dude.

  • Are you there ? Single dad...

  • Thank you and guess i was shocked as she did not seem botherd as i walked in on her in lounge. I dont mind her doing it. But she had her shorts and panties and t-shirt off. I will have too talk with her. My wife passed away allmost three years ago.? Yous seem like a wonderfull open family and thanks again...

  • You should read the post again. He caught his 18 year old daughters FRIEND. Not his daughter.

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