My teacher and me going to far?

When I was going through a really hard time in my life, id just break down and cry the only one who i could talk to was/is Greame the music teacher.
He isnt my teacher im 17 and dont Take music, but I havent talked to him before and now for 2 month I talk to him we are really good friends he is like more than a teacher! We will stand real close to each other when talking arm to arm and we always have a laugh, most thing we do together involve us touching, we have such a good friend relationship together but is it going to far?

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  • It's only going to far if one or both of you feels that it is, it's true that society looks down on a teacher/student relationship like that and considers it innapropriate but I really don't think that it is against the law or illegal... and if you both have no problem with touching each other then it shouldn't be considered sexual harrasment on either of your parts, just don't let some busyboby catch you and report it and blow it into something far bigger then it actually is..

  • you may not like my answer so i'm sorry pre-emptivly, any relationship (that includes parameters of touching and flirting really anything that looks like your dating) between a power holding authority figure (teacher of any kind or a boss) and a subordinate (student or employee) is entirely innapropriate (teacher & student that go beyond learning relationships are 100% illegal) so all in all yes going too far sorry

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