Teacher crush

I must admit I have a huge crush on my physics teacher... hes really attractive. Hes been playing with me for one year and a half now, and i cant really tell how he feels about me because hes acting weird when im around. Hes joking with me, like a teenager (hes in his 30s) and im pretty sure hes flirting with me. He told me once i was pretty and you know its like hes talking to me in a different way compared to the other girls and i dont know... i have never told anyone, im way too ashamed.. what do you think i can do? and dont tell me that it is bad to flirt with your teacher because i know that and i feel really bad

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  • Are you all thick he would get sent to jail

  • Girl, if I was you I would have got with him. Older men know how to treat a lady right.

  • Aww yea and get him sent to jail good idea

  • Don't know what you're waiting for. He wants your goodies and you want his. Z2PP

  • Stop waiting and get with this guy before he gives up and moves on.

  • You need to go get on that.

  • Easy for you to say, Silly.

  • She's a woman. He's a man. How difficult could it possibly be?

  • Duh. an arrest, public humiliation, loss of his teaching license, possible prison sentence and/or years of parole, and branded as a child molester.

  • Has nothing to do with getting on. Only happens if somebody tells.

  • He obviously wants you, and you should totally give yourself to him.

  • totally!

  • tell him you want to belong to him and that he can do anything to you that he wants to

  • If he's already been flirting with you for a year and a half, you need to get bust making your move on this guy before he gives up on you and starts a relationship with another girl in your school. Wouldn't you hate it if some other girl got him?

  • You should go for it. And I hope you get him! So hot!

  • you sound so sexy and i think this guy will definately fall for you if you go after him hard enough

  • He's clearly flirting with you and he wants you, but he is more afraid of you than you are of him. MUCH more afraid. You should use that to your advantage and should start ratcheting up the seduction that is happening here, and keep him off balance. When he flirts, flirt back, and be even more open and obvious each time, and be more assertive than he is. Make it clear to him that you're available: if you're involved with a boy, say that this boy won't get in the way. Even go so far as to say that you'll dump the boy to be with him (like, "He's just a boy and I need a man....exactly like you!!!"). Go by his class room after school's out and tell him goodbye every afternoon, and each time plant a kiss on his cheek. Do that for several days, and then begin kissing him on the lips. Don't be overtly sexual with the kissing: just be gentle and open yourself to him. Let him respond and he WILL respond. He already wants you, and you won't have to do a lot to get into his bed, but you will have to open the door. Flirt and kiss, and let nature take its course. Nature will take you to his bed. You know that's where you want to be. And you know that's where he wants you.

  • If these situations are acted upon, they go terribly bad when the parents and the authorities find out. Teaching credentials revoked, embarrassing arrests, and prison sentences or, at the least, parole as a S** Offender. You read about these cases all the time in the news. It's better for a high school student to find someone legal minus the potential pain and suffering of an illegal involvement with a teacher not smart enough to avoid public embarrassment, career suicide, and possible incarceration. And I always wonder where these teachers find work after they've lost their teaching licenses and been labeled as s** offenders. It's a lose lose situation. Even Meow knows that.

  • Sounds jealous of meow.

  • Theres no doubt he's thinking the same thing.. But s*** hits the fan if you's get caught.. So consider the risk and just don't get caught

  • It depends. If you're over 18 you're an adult and what you do with a handsome man is nobodies business but your own. If you're under 18 there's nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting, it'll be good practice for boys your own age, as long as you both know it can never be more than that.

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