i think i'm really starting to like my

i think i'm really starting to like my son's father again. I have dreams about him, and I imagine us together. The thing is, he didn't even acknowladge our son for almost a year! But now, I find myself counting the days until I get to see him again, and wishing he would spend time with ME along with my son.

I think it's because he's starting to be a good dad, and I wish we could be together, but I know that is out of the question, because we both hated each other for so long, and I know he still hates me. I'm even watching tv shows he likes, and listening to his type of music! I am so mad at myself.

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  • to the above commenter , from serra, the original poster -- thanks, that is good advice. we actually have 2 kids together, and he left me 3 weeks before i gave birth to our second son, and didn't even SPEAK to me until the week before our son's first birthday (and he missed our oldest son's 3rd birthday altogether) But he's doing real good now and he's making up for the bad stuff he did to me. but i am still trying to watch the shows he watches (CSI and crime shows and stuff -yuck.) and listening to his music (screamo and real stupid music that you can't even understand!) so i need to work on that. but your rite about the dad thing. thanx

  • honey, i bet you are just falling in love with the "great dad" that he is being. my situation is very similar to yours. My son's father wasn't around AT ALL untill a few months ago (my son just turned 1), and now I really enjoy watching them play together and it's sooo cute. But don't mistake your feelings for him as love. You will always have a special place for him because he is half of the child that you love so much.

    As for the TV and music--be your own person. It's not like he will prolly notice this anyway. Most men are very self absorbed.

    P.S. there is a thin line between love and hate, so what you are mistaking for hate, might actually be something more. but make sure you think about your son before going down this road. It could get ugly

  • Time heals some wounds. As you grow older you'll notice how immature you were just a few years ago.

  • Don't feel bad I had the same experience in college. I dated a girl and had a horrible breakup, she cheated on me with a guy who was making more money at the time. And for a year I hated her and was very mean to her. She was also very mean to me. Anyway after a while I started noticing that she was being nice to me and changing. She wasn't mean to me anymore and she was so sexy I couldn't stop looking at her. And even though I still hated her I couldn't be mean to her anymore. To make a long story short we ended up dating again. No we didn't get married but to this day we are still very good friends.

    I said that to say it's possible that after you both have had some time to grow and change and mature that you may find your way back to each other. So hang in there and just keep getting along with him. You never know what the future may hold


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