Fell in love with a dream

I fell in love. I was walking through a campus with candle lamps everywhere. He came out of nowhere grabbing my hand. His were soft big, and he had long fingers. He was tall with a lean body, and a chiseled jaw. Curly brown hair that framed his face, the greenest eyes. He was so serious, he didn't smile. He walked me to my dorm and we talked through the window. Later on we went to a feild, with only the moon for light. We just stayed there together. The scene switched and I was at my house. The world was ending and he left me a note, telling me to find him. I wanted to so bad. But I woke up. I really can't breath right now. I had never felt love like that in my life, and it was in a dream!!I desperately need him.

Apr 21, 2012

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  • i'm sorry to say he was how your mind depicts people you have met but do not know very well so you may never meet your dream man... if you'd look for the trait's of this guy maybe you'll meet his real counterpart now you know hope i helped

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