I'm a deviant like the rest of u and i love it!

My ex gf had a sister n when i was alone in their house i'd wander into her sisters room, she had slippers n id strip and sit on her bed n put my d*** in it and m*********/f*** it , this felt great to know my d*** was rubbing off bits of her coz her sexy sweaty foot had been in it! there was even the imprint of her foot inside so i could tell she really wore them alot and this made me want in them badly. id c** inside the slipper then have the task of drying it out, it was great to get this close to her sister coz i wanted to f*** her real bad! c****** in her slipper was almost as if i was c****** in her...it was very satifying and satisfied my urges greatly. i done this a few time and wore her pants. im so naughty and i can say all this coz no1 will know who i am on here :D ive never told anyone but thanks to this site i can share my secrets and it feels great thankyou :)

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  • If c**** could fly, you would be a squadron leader

  • get me you daughters and sisters so i can do it to them p**** face

  • i don't have to explain my words to you but i will it was terrible because she is your gf-of-the-time's sister and you came to your imagining of f****** her what's not wrong with it

  • nothing wrong i never actually had any contact with her f** sake, i never tried s** with her either, never even seen her naked, nothing wrong what i done, i came in a slipper and wore her pants big deal, lots of people do things like this. u think its not normal coz no c*** admits it. my girlfriend was a b**** w**** anyway f** her too

  • fake as f***.

  • of course much like 99.9% of the confessions here.

  • well its actually not fake you stupid b****** haha but who gives a f** what u think p**** n if u think its fake why you both on here reading the s***, yeah yeah just f*** off n go to h*** a*******.

  • learn to spell.

  • This confession is taking hard d*** right now.

  • so is your mummy

  • much like your dad.

  • much like your sister and daughter

  • more like your grandma and hilter

  • um why did you shout go smoke a d*** ps i'm the guy who called the op tom

  • GO SMOKE A D***!

  • no why dont you go smoke your dads d*** like old times you f****** child abuse victim

  • Did you not get enough milk from your mothers d*** when you where small. Now f*** off because nobody here wants to read about your tooth pick d*** inside your dads ass f*****.

  • why you on here reading you freak child rapist because your w**** mummy used to poke you with your grans old d*****

  • Seems like your talking in the third persons again. Are those the words your Mother and Father used on you while forcing you down to eat the dogs a*** out, while your older pedofilic sister forces all 12 inches of her transgender c*** down your throat, Now take your pin d*** confession and f*** off s*** stick.

  • your the one taking time to comment smelly b******, no one wanted your lame f***** comments, y dont you take them with you and f*** off to the nearest gaybar with your gimp b**** mother s*** face

  • hey Pedophile d*** face looks like your fake confession as been re-posted (to tell the true story) but with you sucking your HIV-infected transsexual dog of a girlfriend and her brothers little c*** how do you like them b**** f*** stick.

  • hey tom haha just kidding i don't know if your names tom anyway that was terrible of you sicko.... ok bye person

  • explain how it was terrible you f****** b******!

  • The spelling and the lack of any grammar for a start...

  • go f*** yourself a******.

  • f*** your whole gay family of dog f****** die i

  • A dogs ass, your ass - what's the difference?

  • you lick both so duno

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