Why do i need to act like that

Alright, im a really ''sensitive'' guy, but my friends act like big douches, i once tried to be myself, and i got bullied for a month, my girlfriend thinks im a douche now, and she went away, but i really dont want to lose my friends, ive known them since like forever.

Whenever i say things like, ''Hey guys, shes more than b**** y'know, she has feelings!'' or ''Stay away from that chicklett, dont frikking hurt it!'' they say im a f*****...

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  • Tell them it takes one to know one, so are they f***?

  • Girls love sensitive guys... i know i do. Get new friends if those ones judge you so easly. Simple as that.

  • oh my god how long have you liked sensetive guys for i mean serious ly i'm judged so muchon my looks

  • dude i have been and still do called a f***** alot don't let it affect you if your not a f***** who cares but do fight back, e.g. when your friend says "your a f*****" you say "oh f*** off your a douche, a b****, and a prep... here's a fatty," *toss him a big smooth fat stick of sorts* "...shove it up your ass", simple as that

  • I can tell that you're really into her.Don't hurt her if you love her,you will surely loose her aswell if you keep acting like a 'D'.Your friends should accept you for who you are.You sound like a good guy though

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