Broken 'n lost

Mom 'n dad, i just wanted to say that i maybe i won't be able to complete my grads this year also.. I am so sorry whatever you expected of me, 'm afraid, is all going to vain.. I couldn't keep my promises.. 'n now i hate myself.. I dnt even know what to do.. I think i'll feel better a lot if u just scold me, or punish me, like u did when i was a child.. 'n 'm still your child, 'n i deserve to be punished.. 'm so lost rite now..

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  • I think wee all been there, around that time, wich is now for me, my mom said, ''Well, if ya can't get good grads, go work, make some experience!'' So i did...

  • Thank u for sharing ur views, whoever u are.. I've been strugling with this for the last seven years.. I should've quit it long ago, but it's no use broodin' over the past.. I can't talk to my parents, 'coz the'll be so heart-broken.. They expect a lot from me, 'n 'm on the way to let 'em down.. Wat i need now, is to break down to someone, cry a river, tell 'em wat i've been going through all these years.. Anyway, thanks for commenting, 'n yes, i'll keep u posted..

  • You may think that there is no way out of the 'mess' that you are in, that you are at an end and cannot go on. You blame yourself for getting to where you are now. It is natural to think and feel that. But you can fix it, you can resolve this messy situation. Talk to your parents, be honest with them and tell them the difficulties that you think are causing you to not complete your grads. By talking with them, you may be able to clear your head abt exactly what the issues are; at the same time, you will have two people who can offer their views your situation and see solutions that might have eluded you. Three heads are better than one! If you cannot talk to your parents, because of previous conflict/baggage, then talk to someone else, teacher, lecturer, counseller, other family members, uncle, aunt, grandparents...

    Why do you think you cant complete your grads? You dont know what to do for your assignments? The course work is hard/difficult/complex and you dont understand it? The amount of work is too much for you to keep up?

    Have you tried working / studying with other classmates so that you can bounce/share ideas off/with each other? Is tutoring available to help you come to terms with and understand the complex course work? Are there activities that you can cease so that you have more time for your grads work?

    Questions like these sample ones are what you and the people you talk to will be able to come up with. Only by asking questions can ideas and answers be generated.

    Your difficulties can be resolved. You have taken the first step, by posting on here - well done! Also by posting on here, you are really saying you want your situation resolved, if not made more bearable. You just need help. Help is available from people near and.around you. Reach out to them. They will help you.

    If you were in an alley and had come to a dead end, what you would do would be to turn back and trace a different path to find your way again; you would not blindly push forward and keep hitting your head against the wall.

    Therefore, turn back, turn to people near and around you, talk with them and collectively you will find answers to your situation.

    Come back and share with us your progress.

    You can do it. Yes, you can.

    Dd 20120428

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