Bullies who get away with bullying

My child is being bullied by some asshat whose dad is a cop. I called the school to address it and my child came home beyond upset. Seems the principal told my child he was getting in trouble for attendance. M/F know this, you might be the reason I go to f****** prison. J***

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  • Home Schooling. America was built on Mistreatment. This isnt peaceful country where children and get to there greatest potential. No you have to deal terrorism everyday mostly from whites. But everyone is mistreated.

  • If your kid sounds anything like you I can see why people bug him. Changing schools and mma won't help they won't beat him down physically just mentally.

  • Any form of exercise including MMA, strengthens a person's mental health and well-being. Which in turn, equips anyone with the confidence, skills and resilience to handle situations better, such as bullying. I agree with your opinion, in regards to school.
    I think the child shouldn't move schools, as the problem remains unresolved and it needs to be resolved. Moving schools won't help.

  • Bullies will continue to get away with it because losers keep having kids......

  • Wow, nice comments. My child is actually trained in MMA. The problem is, if my child defends himself he will get suspended. He has beaten the s*** out of a couple of a******* so far, but I would rather he didn't have to face charges of assault as he's getting older. Plus, I'm sick of having to meet with the principal. Turns out kids dad is security guard, less pressure there. Do any of you people have kids?

  • Trained mma lololololololol who the f*** actually advertises training in mma f*** off soo he's been doing karate or something then gets bored or masters that under the age of 20 then does judo or some s*** you are all ridiculous

  • ^^^^^ Haha you truly have no life constantly coming back here

  • Btw martial arts are only useful if ur good at it......

  • You act like it takes all my attention f****** r***** and you've obviously come back here too that's called hypocrisy... it's just fun trollin

  • Ask your kid to beat the s*** out of the bully

  • Boo-hoo my child got bullied. F****** grow a pair and tell your wimpy kid to do so as well. Kids today are all p******. The schools and their mushy parents made them that way. Put down the cell phone for five f****** minutes and teach your child how to stand up for his or her self. Next you will be telling us your kid committed suicide because he or she got called names by a couple of ignorant jackholes on the bus to school. Jesus Christ this world is full of weak ass people.

  • Soooo weakkk you'll kill yourself when u find out ur wife is cheating who knew younger and better looking guys like me have the advantage ;)

  • Your child is a loser just like you;)

  • Enjoy your curse ;)

  • What u practice voodoo too what skillz !

  • The curse that is your sad existence

  • You haven't even experienced a quarter of what I have and u won't still with that loser kid of urs taking all ur time and money........

  • F*** you piece of s***, get a f****** life loser. What p***** me off is certain kids get away with it at school. The 2 times my kid did stand up to people he got in trouble. Obviously your a dumb f****** pimple faced teen with no ambition or common sense

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  • You sound like an idiot.

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  • Enrol your child into a after school, Martial Arts/self-defence class

  • It's enroll, and defense, go back to school dropout

  • In the UK it's spelt "enrol" not "enroll" fool! And it's the same for "self-defence!" You appear to be illiterate!!

  • Grow the f*** up....

  • I agree martial arts have helped me deal with bullies

  • I'm happy it has :-)

  • This happened to me for few years bcos im too short and weak, I told parents but it useless .since that i do alot body building, but something can fix , im aggressive i hate people I can't be close with anyone

  • I'm sorry you went through that, I hope you find true love someday, everyone should experience that

  • If a cop gets a complaint filled against him it's hard to ever get promoted just sayin

  • ^^^^^ here's to hoping everybody acts correctly

  • I'm sure ur a real tough guy f*** teach ur kid to defend himself

  • Outside of school is one thing and my child can defend himself, but school is suppose to be a safe place

  • If that doesn't work go over he principles head talks to his superviser talk to the cop make them embarrassed for the way the kid is behaving

  • Yeah but see you live in this thing called reality u need to give ur kid skills so when ur not around he can look after it and I'm not saying teach him to beat the kid up but he should be able to make not as fun to pick on him If u don't he'll have the same problems in adult life

  • That's the worst thing about bullies. They get away with it. I once saw a guy knock another guys front teeth out and-and not a damn thing happened to the guy that did the hitting.

  • How in the h*** are the tags to this post, father, home, sexual?

  • So sad. Can you change schools?
    My kid was being bullied and the school did a really good job but he needed a fresh start so we moved him. Now he's much happier.

  • I was just discussing that. It does seem the only option.

  • There's no guarantees that if your son moved schools, that he wouldn't get bullied again. The problem isn't solved.

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