Rejected today

Today while in town i saw this women waking in the opposite direction, When i first looked at her i though to myself 'yeah she is looking nice' she was dressed in knee high boots and leather jacket install turn on for me.

I noticed ahead she sat down on the bench so i slowed my place down while thinking if i should approach her while thinking this over i was starting to feel weird like nerviness sensation run through me is that normal.

Anyone before i knew what had happened i already started talking to her saying how nice she looked and all that and was asking for her number (which i did not get), She gave me "i'm with someone thin" so i ended the conversation and left things at that i felt rejected that is all.

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  • Yeah it was a type-o its was late when i wrote this sorry for any confusion. I'm actually the correct weight, I have never actually seen this girl before and probably never will again, I don't normally just walk up to women in the street and ask them for there numbers it was out of character.

  • Just be youself always. Don't let someone else define you and your looks. That said, dating is a form of marketing and you are the product/service. It is a numbers game. Before i met my wife I have was always on the hunt for new ladies. Before long i had a contact list of friends with benefits. For the record i just an average guy at best.

  • Firstly, I'm sorry you got rejected.
    Secondly, you deserves better than her, she's a b**** for saying she's with someone thin? What does that even mean?

    Even if your a little bit "overweight" that is just rude what she said.

    And as a woman, I do advice you to get up from chair and change your life.
    That comment that she made, use that as motivation and show her what she will be missing out.

  • lol. Love this comment. I thought it was just a typo and maybe the OP meant to type: I'm with someone, thanks. (not thin). I say, hey can't blame a guy for trying, no matter what size he is. At least he knows, and can move on to someone who will give him her number.

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