Am i going mad ?

I can't describe it . I have dreams of me killing people every night , people i hate , people that hurt me . I feel used betrayed like no one really cares i wanna hurt everyone where ever i go i dont feel like i belong anywhere nut whats the sad part is i know its wrong and i will never do such a thing but the ideas grow the laughter in my head scream out for help , i laugh to hide the pain , i laugh to hide the scares , i feel like im going insane the voice are getting louder , darker , wont stop they cant stop we wont stop , i contonstintly hit myself till i draw blood , i feel no pain. i feel nothig im empty no soul not even human i cry cause im happy i laugh cause im sad am i losing myself am i going insane i feel like their's no hope for me anymore i feel i must try i must die i wasn't always like this im sacred im finally losing control of reality i feel like im losing control .......

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  • i didnt write the fml nor i feel like s*** so idk y it says that just letting you people know !

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