Is this true love?

I never though anything like this until i know her.I'm kinda playboy. One day my friend open facebook and showed me her profile and told me to flirt so I added her and chatted to her but she never reply my message. One day I met her at a shopping mart and I talked to her and she talked to me back, I was so happy . Since that day I know her about 2 months and everyday think of her even we never often talk cause she's always busy, I'm trying to know some of her family ,her brother, her cousins and they are all very nice .Her brother like me and said he will help me . Now I don't know if she know my feeling or not but I really love her but she keep annoy me. I even dreaming about having a child with her and this time i even thinking of interview my her to my mom which i never did that before.As I know she use to love one guy so much however he broke her so for a year now she never has a boyfriend and she is really cute,pretty,good heart, always like help people and kind, Please God let me and her live together as couple.



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  • No offense but i think you should improve your grammar before you plano n wooing her....

  • There is no such thing as true love, at least not in the sense that it will work effortlessly. But you're definitely attracted to her. To be frank, love is something you have to pursue, fight tooth and nail for.

    Pursue her

    I mean ask her out on a date, not stalk her or anything.

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