When I was 15 and my brother was 17, he started paying me to give him hand jobs.
We did this until he went off to college.
I was NEVER turned on, but I think it is strange that I didn't mind doing it.

I am lesbian and the thought of touching another man's p**** grossed me out. But if my brother asked me, I would.

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  • Don’t listen to the 1st commenter, nobody chooses their sexuality, if you’re gay, then you’re gay! My only issue is, I get why you accepted the money to do it at first, the thought of mastverbating your brother is terrifying (believe me I know) but even if you charged him the second time, why would you accept money the third, forth and so on? It took over a year of my brother and I “testing the waters”, and “accidental” touch here, eventually a lingering touch, and then coming up with games that would make it seem accidental, or at the least not sexual. But eventually a lingering touch became rubbing, and eventually we would lie there on the pull-out tv couch in the basement watching tv and mutually mastverbating each other! We did this from about 13 14, till he went off to college, a year later I went to a different college, thief I headed to medical school, then 3yrs residency. So for 12yrs after we lasts made each other come, we only saw each other a handful of times, and eithe he brought a GF home for the holidays, or I brought a BF home, or BOTH! So it just never happened again! So just as it began organically, it ended organically. I mean there was one time when we were in our early thirties, and were home for Christmas that it happened again, but I’m reaching the maximum character limit, so if anyone cares about that or wants to know, just let me know, and I’ll tell that story below! But, I think what you did was very nice of you, I just don’t think you should have charged your own brother!

  • You're not really a "lesbian", you're just looking for acceptance {some think that's love, it's l*** the need to someone wanting you}. Try it with a few more guys and you'll find you want c*** all the time, even when you're with another woman. Try bringing both worlds together adyou'll be hooked.

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