Can't have kids

Ive found out I cant have kids and im only 19. All my friends are under the impression I didn't want them anyway so Ive been keeping up a pretence with them all and my family but I'm secretly heart broken. Its becoming increasingly difficult to keep pretending especially when lots of people around me are falling pregnant and even silly things like watching movies and tv shows.

May 10, 2012

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  • I know that you may be pretending in order to not get them all to pity you, maybe to show a stronger and careless side, but personally I think it is always best to be yourself; lying to yourself may only increase the emotional pressure.
    Anyway, don't feel bad, not being able to have kids doesn't make you less of a woman. If you really want a kid in the future remember that somewhere out there is a child who is waiting a loving mother.

  • We have been married for 19 years the first few years we were still in college so it wasn't our time to have kids then. But once we both got out of college we wanted to have children we tried for years with no success. Then we went to the doctor for help my wife did finally get pregnant but we had a miscarriage at 8 1/2 months. We were devastated. We decided to take foster care classes to adopt a child after about 6 months a doctor approached my wife and asked if we were still wanting to adopt a child. My wife question him why he asked he knew we were..he said his 14 year old daughter is pregnant and would like to give the child up a home with the loving husband and wife that would take care of the child. My wife still cries on the anniversary of our still born's death but one time when my wife crying our 4 year old adopted son put his hands on my wife's face and said "Mommy you do not have to cry God sent me to take away your tears". We have an open adoption he still sees his birth mom and dad and cannot get enough love. TB

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