Im madly in love with a married man. ive been with him for 9 months, his wife knows about me. i know about her. we both have eachothers phone numbers. and we dont talk. he's lied to me for about 6 of our 9 months. he tells me he's leaving her for me, once everything gets settled. but im not sure on to how it will go. i secretly want to hate him. but i just cant. i cry myself to sleep every night. i find every chance i can to trust him. but every chance, he kills me slowly. i wish upon everything you can wish upon, but wishes never come true. ive done things to walk away, but i cant ever go through with it. he's always on my mind. i love him. with everything i have. i just want her to go away.

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  • Sweetie he is never gonna leave his wife. He's sleeping with you because he can and you allow him too. I understand that you love him but as bad as it seems to say, HE IS MARRIED. Trust me do you wanna be with someone who cheats on his wife. If he ever leave his wife what would stop him from cheating on you with some one else.

    You have to let him go because the longer your with him the more time he's taking from you to be with your soul mate. I say it with love.


  • The wife isn't going anywhere, neither is he. And you "love" him? You know he's a liar, he doesn't love you; he picked HER! Get your head out of the clouds. You say the wife even knows about you? That makes things easy, he doesn't even have to hide it. They're probably both laughing at you. Why have you let him use you like this? START RESPECTING YOURSELF. You can move on and cry it out at the same time. Get some help if you need to and dump the cheating dirty chump.

  • i've been on his side before.....i'm sorry, he's not leaving his wife. you have to accept that. i'm sure it's hard to let go but allow yourself to see other people....after all, he's still seeing his wife. you're chasing a fantasy that won't come true

  • when i met him, he was single. he didnt get married til abt 6months in, and then told me. we used to spend everyday together, cause she lives in a different state. he claims he loves me so much, more than anyone before. he even commited a piece of his body to my name. he claims he and i are a forever thing.

  • You're arguing a moot point. He's not single anymore. It doesn't matter if he has your social security number and blood type etched on his back. He chose another woman. Key word here is "claims". You will be forever the girl on the side, the otherwoman, the mistress, the one he'll never leave his wife for. You are just going to be continually hurt and known as number 3 on his list of priorities, first him, then his wife and then maybe you. Sever all contact and move on with your life. Find a man who is single and available and is ready to put you first. Pull your heart out of this and think with your head. I'm sure you're smart, you're just not thinking straight.

  • He's not going to leave his wife. Why should he? He has everything..he has the both of you at his disposal. You're wasting your time. You need to cut all contact and move on. His wife was there first and if he hasn't left yet, he most likely never will. And know, if you ever do end up with him..what are the chances he'll do this same thing to you? Wise up.. move on.

  • You deserve to feel the way you do. You keep yapping about how bad you feel, crying yourself to sleep and whatnot, while his wife is the one who suffers. You knew about her, still you slept with him. I wouldn't worry too much about it though, karma will get to you and then you can start to worry.

  • Pretty soon it will be 12 months or even 2 years he has lied to you. What a fool!He is NOT going to leave his wife, no reason to do so. And even if he did why would you want him? He is a liar and a cheater! He will treat you the same way.You should be ashamed of your self for even looking at him.I will say, he is the scum of the earth and you are just a LITTLE bit better.Drop him and find someone who is NOT married.

  • Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?


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