Im tried of putting a smile on my face. when really deep inside im crying and only feel pain . to know that ur black.. people make it seem so bad. i feel bad that i am somtimes . i sometimes think if god did create us all equal then why would he create people who say such mean things say " ur nothin but a piece of s*** " " shut the f*** up b**** no one asked u" . i think about sucide which makes me feel better.



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  • There is nothing wrong with being black, it's just a skin color. Who you are is on the inside and that's all that matters! In fact all people can be traced to one common ancestor guess what color they were :). Black is the beginning of life. Just find what makes you, you in life. Find the right place for you through activities and people with common interests. Life is all about the journey we are all meant to be different, racism is for idiots behind in the times. You have to be the change you want to see right? I work hard against discrimination of every kind in every way I can. I'm white and a woman it can be really tough because where I am, I am a minority. I hear people talk about me when they think I don't speak Spanish enough to comprehend. It happens to everyone at least once hate is a favorite past time for some. Don't let it get yoy down and stay strong you can do it!

  • Death can seem such a relief, but why skip all the wonders that Life offers us? Do not give into the pain of rejection. You are beautiful, no matter your s**, your gender, your race, your beliefs, etc. And yes, we are all born equal even if there are many who can't accept that fact, we are all human beings. You know, there will always be haters (usually morons that think to be better than everyone else), you can't avoid this.
    There was a time when I really regretted being born a woman in a male chauvinist society, and on top of that, being born a lesbian in a catholic/christian fanatic country. Suicide seemed always so alluring but, you know what? I'm not going to give all those morons that satisfaction, we all have the right (and most importantly, the choice) to live and be happy and help make others happy, other people that suffer just like you are suffering now. Good people who is being unfairly hurt, like you.
    We did not choose to be born, but we can choose to appreciate the miracle that life is, the marvelous gift it is, and to make the best of it every day.

    I don't know you, I may never see you in real life, but I bet your true smile is enchanting, don't let those idiots erase it.

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