Im 13 years old and I don't know how this started, but I m********* myself sometimes. Is that weird or just plain gross. I try to stop but I can't help it.

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  • Nothing wrong with it

  • Its normal to m*********, so don't worry about it since your going through puberty

  • Nothing to be ashamed of. Just be sure to have some tissues ready to clean up. My Mom hated to find c** tracks on the sheets and underwear.

  • Don't worry.
    I grew up in a very Christian family and masturbated since I was a child and thought I was doing something totally evil and wrong. However, as I grew into a teen I realized that it is a perfectly natural, normal thing.
    My AP Psychology told us how even little girls will hump their pillows in their cribs.
    Masturbation is a normal process that humans do. Don't worry about it. It's alright, and especially at your age is acceptable. :)

  • Ever since my big sister started jerking me off at 11 yrs i have been masturbating up to now. I love to see girls m********* especially my two sisters and two cousins. They also j*** and suck me off and then i f*** them. My smallest cousin is the best f*** of them.

  • I hope she is under7

  • When you get older, you'll come to learn that it's a requirement to maintain your sanity.

  • Lol its true i wouldnt have made it through my first year of collage with out it

  • It's completely natural. It's part of the human body. Also, if you e******** in your sleep, don't worry. Tht's called a nocturnal emission, or wet dream. Don't worry about masturbating. It's perfectly narmal and is part of growing up.

  • Natural thing :) try and enjoy the freedom plus don't tell boys this girl made a mistake of telling Me and my friends she masturbates and my friend has been trying to get get in with her.. If you want to talk about it leave your e-mail :) I'm a 14 year old boy btw :)

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