People think I'm annoying?

I'm really friendly and I like talking to new people. I also like making people feel better or laugh... but lately I've been finding out that some of my so called 'friends' have been talking behind my back. Saying things like that I'm a 'brat' and that I'm really 'annoying'... Some are people whom I barely talk to. What do have I done to make them dislike me? I hate myself for annoying people, I don't know what I'm doing wrong... I'm just being myself, and I try to be someone else, but I always end up acting like myself and I hate it! because people obviously don't like me for who I am :( It really hurts that some of my friends talk behind my back... Friends I've know for a really long time, they just talk behind my back. I try being less hyper and happy, or less social, but I can't help it. My friends never stand up for me or ask me if I'm okay whenever I'm feeling down. I feel like no one likes me. I feel like I'm not enough. I don't know what to do anymore... I've been in depression a couple of times because of this, but I always end up faking a smile and pretending like everythings fine... but it hurts so much :(

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  • I'm in the same exact situation. I know I can be annoying but just recently I heard people calling me annoying. What hurts most about this is that I try to be a nice person. But I learn that those people that call me annoying don't need to be part in of my life. Your true friends will like you for you, annoyness and all.

  • Finding a true friend Is hard in this world full of cruel and twisted minded people. I know how it feels like I went through it for a long time, people be low key hating me for my personality, assuming that I'm dumb, innocent, weird, dopey minded, annoying and etc. just for my mistakes during conversations. It's better for you care about mostly yourself and your family second. Try not to be someone else because people are going to dislike you more, it doesn't work. So be and accept yourself and ignore those people, someday you'll find someone who will accept you.

  • Its life. no one said it was fair. You just have to live it out and find the right crowds. Im talking from personal experience. just ride it out soldier you will see the sun soon!

  • I'm usually like that too. I love talking and being energetic. If your so called "friends" aren't accepting you for who you are then they arent your real friends.

  • It's nice that you make an effort to make others feel good. Don't let what other people say affect who you are or how you are. They're most likely jealous, and so they figure if they cut you down it will make them feel better. Those people are not your friends. You keep on being you and change your friends. For the depression, exercise is a great mood lifter. Don't neglect yourself. It's great you want to help others, but remember to take care of you. Your friends may not be truly capable of helping at this time in their lives. So if you get really down, reach out to your parents or doctor for help.

  • Try talking to them about it, to see what it is about you that annoys them. Most likely you're just misunderstanding the source of their annoyance.

  • Don't change who you are. Some people are just haters, and when they see someone who is happy and energetic it makes them feel bad about themselves which is not your fault. Don't let negative people drag you down. Surround yourself with positive people, real friends, and just be yourself.

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