I hate my self

Im 12

Every one Hates me
And the people that do like me TREAT me like s***
I want to end my life

I love My Family Its a Hard thing to do but i am killing my self tonight...

I Will Miss Every one...

Good Bye

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  • Don't go without f****** i n g somebody, maybe you should get your mouth filled too

  • You know, I was in the same position as you, and its just part of growing up. Its called hormones.

  • Dont do it... ill help in anyway possible. Just dont do it if youd like to talk about this dim willing to give you some of my time just dont do it. I promise if you dont do it yoyou will have a friend in me just dont do it.if youd like to msg i might be willing.

  • When i was 12 i wasnt liked either. A couple of years passed and now i have a great life and everyone likes me. Hang in there, it gets better!

  • I'd like to second what the person above me says.
    You could be missing out on something very awesome by killing yourself. You're growing fast and the world's going to open up to you. A world filled with wonder, love and possability.

    Maybe some people do hate you. Maybe you are mistaken. And maybe the people that like you treat you like s***. I don't know. But not everyone hates you because you haven't met everyone yet! And there are people in this world who are bound to love you for being you. The people that do like you might not know they're treating you bad. If I liked someone I'd want to know if they didn't like how I was treating them.

    You can't see it right now but there is something wrong with how your seeing the world. You need help. Please talk to someone you trust. And if they don't seem to be listening find somebody else that will listen. But please don't kill yourself because you'll be throwing something valuable away and all your chances of happiness. I've been in your position and it hurts. But please don't do it. Even if you don't understand why you shouldn't do it you'll be glad later on when you understand.

  • I really hope you don't do it =(

    You are just starting out in life, you will meet so many people in your life that will treat you right and love you!!
    You have so much to live for, you just haven't lived long enough to see the reasons.
    It is worth hanging in there,
    I know nothing i'm saying is probably helping you feel better at all, but I am a stranger begging you to please give life a chance, because you are valuable. I am thinking about you worrying and tearing up right now,
    I'm very sorry things are going terrible for you, but please listen to someone else who used to suffer in life, that life can be beautiful.
    Lots of people in this world are cruel and messed up, but many of them are amazing, they are angels who would never hurt you or treat you badly, and you will meet them!!
    I really hope you don't kill yourself tonight =(
    stranger, you are loved. i hope you will be alright

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