Innocence :D

Ive Never Smoked, Drank, OR had s**, as a matter of fact ive never even made out, and day-umm do I love it. I feel like I have so much power because Im enjoying my life, the natural way, without all the pressure people put on you that ^ The Above is what life is about, it really isnt, Life is meant for you to enjoy the little things, I mean if your smoking, your wasting part of your life, and majority of your money that you could be saving to travel the world, and why drink? your just making memories that your going to forget! n man s**..Thats the reason this world is overpopulated and in debt, I mean we are having more kids then we even need...quit having babies and adopt! n ohkay Ill admit I hate the fact that I havent made out but thats because Im a 16 year old girl haha. Well idk thats just my opinion, love it, hate it..Whatevaa Lol

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  • May be you have a stinking p****.. Haha

  • My secret is that I feel exactly the same way. I don't need to go with the tide and drink, smoke or make out. Just because I can, doesn't mean I have to. I am happy living life to the full. I have a certain joy that the world wants, though it cannot give me or take away <3

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