I have a vendetta against s**. I hate the concept of s** and that it is one of the most motivating things for people in this world. S** is the reason why i have no friends and its the reason why people treat me like crap. First of all, s** is supposed to be special and shared with only the ONE person you love. Not with everyone around you who just so happens to be h****. Friends aren't supposed to have s** with each other, its just wrong. Neither are family members. Even masturbation disgusts me. I hate all acts of s** in general. Next, the act of s** is disgusting. I feel like throwing up when I see two people kiss. If I see s** happening on a TV show, I change the channel. I don't watch movies where people have s**. It ruins the movie and then I hate the characters for it. Third, I hate that X is everywhere and that is is a requirement to be sexy to have a decent life where i won't be judged. S** gets people things that don't even relate with s**. I hate that I live in a world where s** is so prominent and outspoken. S** ruined my life since the first time I learned what it was. If the entire entity of s** were to be placed into one man who would go on to cure cancer, I would still destroy him without hesitation. I also hate it when people say that s** is natural and fun. Its not! I'm not jealous of people having s** but I feel like it is a weapon being used against people who don't have s** as much.

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  • for some of your story your rite it should be with one person only, but s** has to happen or humans will go extinct. s** is between 1 guy and 1 girl for life no changing that

  • Oh stop begging for sexy s** you thrill seeker.

  • Don't mind that homophobic idiot who wrote before, he probably got offended because all his life revolves on this primary instinct.

    I comprehend you completely, I was the same (I say Was because I don't hate s** anymore, as it has turned - for me - into a divine way to express love to that especial person).

    Don't feel ashamed of yourself, nor let this hate become a burden and consume you, because, unfortunately, in this patriarchal s***** society we live in, S** is the true God (just a glance at the top stories here if anyone doubts this).

    My sincere suggestion, don't let it affect your life too deeply. It's something you can't avoid, but you can control the way you deal with it. If it is in a movie, for example, let the scene flow. What I do is that, if the scene is artistic enough, I enjoy the aesthetics of the picture, if it is filthy like most, just think of something or concentrate on the background or some detail that caught your attention, etc. Take it with philosophy.

    About talking with other people... well, it's never easy swimming against the current. But you've got to stop taking it so personal or you'll be angry all the time, at almost everyone.

  • You are gay as f***, of course s** is natural d******, how were you born then? And just because you got used and abused doesn't mean you have to force your shoddy opinion on other people, s** is great, grow up and get some then get back to me. Otherwise you don't know what the f*** you are chatting.

  • I wonder how old you are. I mean, "hurr you are gay as f***" and "grow up and get some" makes you sound immature. At the same time, having a vendetta against s** is idiotic. It IS natural, and there's nothing wrong with it being outspoken. I can agree though, people acting like it's the most important thing in life is freaking annoying.

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