everything wrong with that co-ed

im extremely attractive and absurdly intelligent, im not making an opinion, its a fact. but i hate things most people love (children, romantic comedies, day light), i m********* constantly, i drink constantly, smoke like a chimmney, lie to everyone and can't seem to wash dishes right. despite this i still have friends and i hate all of them because i know they only like me because mor people pay attention to us if we go out together. so what if i hooked up with your boyfriend? i can still get you into a coke filled party with 3 super models where you can have s** with some c-list actor while i talk s*** on you in the corner. sometimes i just try and see how far i can go and not be stoned to death.

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  • I don't know whether I love you, hate you, or just wanna f*** you. Maybe all at once.

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