I think about hanging myself in the garage, The rope in the basment, the beam in the garage. I HATE MY LIFE so much i just hate my boyfriend, im so lonley and sad i have a beautiful baby boy with him and thats the only reason why i care about him. all he wants is dirty s**. i feel like a s** slave im exausted of trying to be the perfect house wife! i said i would never cheat but i did and i hate and love that i did it. it was great but it was with a complete player! i feel used and abused. i met my man when i was 15 he was 25 now that im 19 and have his kid im no longer new he wants his hot sexy skinny arm candy back and its not going to happen without plastic sugery i just want to be safe and genuinly loved by a good man is that so hard to ask?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Life can be hard , especially when you feel as though you are no longer appreciated . When I was a teenager I would also date older men . I did not have any children by them , but I know what it feels like to be alone .
    Please know that you are not . I know it\\\\'s hard to think of your child when you are in so much pain . But , let him bring you joy .
    Find something that will make YOU happy , that will help as well. You are in this world for a reason , and you have brought a new life into it as well . Please be safe , and take care .

  • Get rid of the looser and focus on ur son. Life is too short to be living like that. Pray and ask GOD to guide you to the right path... Good Luck.

  • Drop the retarded boyfriend. Take care of your baby boy. Show him the best love a mother could ever show her child. Don't think about guys anymore and one of these days a great one that you deserve will walk in your life and show you more love than any other guy ever did. If you're a Christian/Catholic, ask God to help you.

  • im not emo at all do people just come on this site and make people feel like s*** f***** get a life stop reading about other peoples

  • That's true, emo people at least have a basic IQ. All you know how to do is be stupid and female-- first as bimbo arm candy, now as a Pez dispenser for unwanted doomed babies.
    Here's some advice, from a smart person to a dumb one: Don't post your lame drama if you don't want people to read about it. And don't be an idiot if you don't want to be called an idiot. You deserve to feel like $hit.

  • talk about emo :|

  • ...I was born...

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