I feel like everyone in the world has

I feel like everyone in the world has s** primarily to obtain a false sense of self-worth.
It's so disappointing and sad to see people my age - 18ish - so caught up in minute drama involving other people and s**. It's getting old -fast.
I wish everyone would get off their a**** (or out of their beds) and try to actually do something good for the world.
Relationships and s** are so incredibly unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Why all the fuss?
World: Go inspire some one. Go make music, write something from the bottom of your heart, do a favor for someone, ride a bike to school, quit smoking cigarettes, just do SOMETHING worth your time!
Stay young, and stay young, and stay young. Otherwise, you will eventually be looking back on your life and questioning where you went wrong and why you feel so empty.
Do something right. Do something positive. Make a difference.

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  • it is funny all those " important things " never are as satisfying as love . S** is the bonus although i think way too much about it , at the end of the day when one is sleeping alone where are all those good things ?...

  • What would life be without s** and love? It would be boring, depressing, and unbearable. The greatest feeling in the world is having someone love you. And the greatest pleasure in the world is amazing s**. I know there is more to life than s**, but it feels so damn good to come home after a long days work and get f***** hard and long by my husband. So, you just must not be getting laid!

  • Grammar Check == (18ish) isn't a word all powerful wise man. Ha, you crack me up with this bullshit. Inspire this and that, you know what? You need to go do something your own self, and stop worrying about my sister who is having s** with her teacher.

    Have a nice F****** day Dr. Bullshit!

  • To the commenter who said, "I get it. You haven't had s** yet. Just waiy." My exact thought buddy lololololol

  • not really, you suck straight edge sucks

  • XXX fo life yo

  • i get it. you haven't had s** yet. just wait.

  • when you are done, you can blow me.

  • I totally agree with you, they're far too young to be caught up in such drama.

  • But you are not differentiating between s** and love. Loving someone with all of your heart IS doing something valuable, worthwhile and meaningful with your life.

  • I agree. there are so many more important things to do with your time. s** is nice, but its not everything

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