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I have a secret that only a couple people know boyfriend knows and my best friend, and of course my family but other than that i cant get up the curage to tell anyone dyslexic...i have had trouble in school all my life and have pushed myself so hard that ive gotten an 80 average. i feel like i have acommplished something great but i just feel like things might have been easier if i had of told people a long time it normal not wanting to tell people about something like this??? im not able to open up to people..i had a hard time telling my boyfriend about my situation but i finaly did it...i cant tell people things about my life...should i open up more???

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  • I think you should but only to the people you truly trust and care about. Making yourself vulnerable is always something terrifying but in the end it usually helps. my good friend is dyslexic and it never made me think of her differently :)

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