I think there's something wrong with

I think there's something wrong with me. Not actually, but I don't know. I wish life was just so simple - like in the movies where it would all be happy in the end. I am 16 and i've never been kissed. I want somebody to be with. Too much of my life is spent being lonely. I don't know what it is though, because when i'm around people I can be great but then sometimes I just shutdown and I don't even know how or why. I just wish someone would come in and make all of my insecurities go away - I wish someone that I liked would like me back and say it. I feel so alone; like nobody gets me. I know something is off with my life but I don't know how to change it. I really want to be in love. I know that is surprising for a 16 year old, but its true. I want to feel things. My life is too bland; school work consumes my life but I don't feel like i'm learning that much. I want to go to a place where everybody wants to learn things and they are like me and want the same things. I don't know, I just feel like my life is passing me by and everybody else sort of goes with the flow. It looks like I go with the flow on the outside, but on the inside I just want to feel everything that the world has to offer. In that way I want to feel anything, whether its sad or happy. Its weird - last year I told myself the same thing, and then I actually I think that I became a little depressed for a while (not actually but it felt like that). It sucked because I was sad but in a way it feels good to cry. You feel something actually. All of my feelings are bland. I want something.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • thanks guys =) its good to know im not the only one who feels this way - from the writer of the confession

  • First, your post sounds completely normal. Second, good for you for not having had s** with 20 boys by now...that is a major problem in our society. You are so young, what you need to know is: you WILL be in love. You WILL have your first kiss, your first everything. It will come. Truth is, it will come pretty soon, so don't rush anything. Be true to yourself. Don't lower your standards or compromize your principles. Hold on, you're going to have a full and wonderful life.

  • I didn't have my first boyfriend until high school. My first kiss was 17, and I never had s** until I was 18. I married him and couldn't be happier. The right guy will come to you, promise. I felt the same way you do. I just wanted to feel something too. I wanted to cry, but its like that is something I just can't do. I would feel good though, just to cry and cry, maybe that would help. Try and be happy where you are in life right now, enjoy your high school days, make new friends, study hard, go out and do things, make memories. Don't worry about the boy friend, and when you least expect it, he will come around.

  • When I read this, I thought I had written it and forgotten about it. This is exactly my problem too. =(

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