I have a science teacher who works at my school and this man is Gorgeous and he also works as one of the girls soccer coaches. And so one day at practice me, him, and another girl were running for the same header ball, and the girl knocks me down and I knock over the guy and we tumble to the ground me on top of him, and my hand accidentally landed in his crotchand from that few moments of touching I knew he was huge. I couldnt tell if he knew or not. But now every time I pass him in the hallway by his room he gives me this weird Stare. I don't know if this should be a win for me because I touched his d*** or what but whatever

May 16, 2012

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  • Yes, I agree with the first girl. You should go by his office or classroom and just say hi and let the conversation go wherever the conversation will go. If he likes you, he'll keep talking and not let you leave. But don't give up if it doesn't work right away: give it a few times, because the first couple he could be busy or not want anybody else to know how hot he is for you or how hard you got him the first time. Don't give up. You've already gotten your hand on him and he probably would love to have your hand back in that same place again soon and repeatedly. Go for it, and enjoy it when you get it! But don't wait long because classes will be ending soon and you don't want to waste the summer when you could be spending it with him.

  • its a win if you like him and want to get with him.maybe you shold try to talk to him just casual and see if he likes you too. but if you dont like him then i guess it just doestn matter but it seems like you do like him and want to get with him and thats very cool.

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