I want to ask my mom to buy me a thin G-string and a stripper pole to use in my room, but I am really REALLY
nervous.What if she makes fun of me or says no?


ps. I am a guy

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  • you have punctured b****

  • i was gonna say holy s*** thats hot until you said '' p.s. im a guy''.but anyway why the h*** do you want a g string and a pole of you are not gay i know its none of my business but its kind of strange.on the other hand i think you need to grow a pair and stop being a p****:)

  • So you had one hand down your pants and were all ready to go right up until that point? Hypocrite. Re-read this confession and have that w@nk-- you know you want to!

  • I'm not gay.

  • thank u so much

  • Hi. I have a friend (he's a guy too) Who also wants to become a stripper, and he's very confident. If you're mother makes fun of you for what you want to become and your sexuality (I'm assuming you are gay) then she needs to realize that you are her son, and she needs to love you for who you are. Good luck, and I'm sure one day you will achieve your dream. :]

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