I am only 12 and i think i am addicted to lesbian p***. i also think i might be a lesbian but i really dont know. how should i find out if i am a lesbian or not. and how should i become unhooked from p***.

May 24, 2012

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  • I presume you are female. Female sexuality is so versatile. Most women get aroused from anything sexual, lesbian, straight, gay, etc.
    Don't be concerned about your sexuality yet, unless you have crushes on and feel attracted to other girls.
    Watching p********** is extremely common in teenage years. Try to m********* without it or even just go a day without viewing it. You may have a dependence on p**********, but, more likely, you are an average female teenager.

  • If you are real, here's some advice.

    First, stop watching l**** p***. There is hardly any real lesbian p*** on the internet, and certainly none that's free. Most "girl on girl" p*** is made for men to watch, and the actresses in the movies you're watching are not having s** the way that real lesbians do it anyway, so you'll only pick up bad habits and skewed expectations from them. For that matter, you should not be watching p*** at all. Where are your parents? Normal sexual activity at your age consists of masturbating in your room alone and hoping no one knows. Don't look at p*** on line, it isn't good for you and the development of your erotic imagination. And remember to wash your hands afterwards, or people will figure it out.

    Second, don't worry so much about whether you're a lesbian. You're probably too young to figure it out. All sorts of things may be exciting to you because you're so young: girls, boys, fantasy characters, superheroes, you name it. This is normal, so don't judge yourself. Focus on making friends and doing well in school and in activities. When you get to high school, if you're still feeling like you might be gay, see if there is a gay-straight alliance you can join. If you're feeling isolated, look up the trevor project and the it gets better project, and other on-line resources for GLBT teens. You will figure it out eventually, there's no rush.

    A lesbian three times your age.

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