I am very unhappy. I am in a marriage that has been platonic for the last 7 years. We are good friends and I do love her, but there is nothing else. She is a nice person but I carry most of the burden for work and chores. I am only there because of how devastated I know she would be if I left, and I don’t think she could survive without me, as far as taking care of herself. So it’s a struggle for me because I don’t want to abandon her. We rarely disagree and hardly ever argue. We have been in counseling for almost two years but the relationship hasn’t changed. I haven’t been with anyone else since our relationship began, and every day it gets more difficult. For the last 18 months it has been even more difficult because I have fallen in love with a young woman less than half my age. (And yes she’s over 18 so it’s nothing like that) I have never told anyone about these feelings. Her parents are out of the picture, losers, they pretty much abandoned her, so my wife and I have become like parents to her, helping her make her way through life. Part of me wants her to find this and figure out that it’s me and tell me she feels the same way so I can just hold her and tell her how much I love her, and another part of me knows that if she ever found out she would be devastated and never be able to trust me again. So I just have to live with the conflict, but it is difficult. Her happiness is my first priority. She will never know my feelings, and I know that they will pass in time. I just had to get the words out. Thanks for listening.

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  • Previous Comment..*CLAP CLAP CLAP* STANDING O for you buddy. Get those sicko out of this site..!!


  • Oh please quit feeding your ego with that "She'd be devastated if I left" I'm sure she'd be on to s******* the next guy. Just leave her if you don't love her douche-bag. It'll do you AND her a favor. Then she can find someone who isn't a disgusting pig who preys on girls who rely on him and look up to him as a father figure. Ew it's like you've fallen in love with your adopted daughter. Sicko....

  • You are absolutely right. It's ridiculous. What the h*** am I doing? This is exactly the kick in the ass that I needed. Thank you for having the guts to say it. You saved me. You saved all three of us. I will fix it.

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