So yea , a little help ?

I sent naked pictures of my self to my exboyfriend. It's been about 4 months after a nasty breakup and we both moved on. He contacts me today and tells me a friend of his found the pictures and if I don't send more it will go up on facebook. I don't know what to do. I dont want the pictures to be on Facebook but I won't send anymore. Feel free to say anything I just need help.

May 26, 2012

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  • Go to the police

  • Call the police and show them the text / message. Its black mail and illegal

  • If they put the picture up they will have the account suspended and the pictures removed by facebook.

  • He apparently hasn't moved on. But good for you for breaking up with him, he sounds like a douche. Definitely don't send him any more photos, and make that a rule of thumb.

    If you are under age 18 (depending on your state) it is considered child p********** to be in possession of or traffic such material. If you're over 18, you may be able to have him arrested on various charges threats, harassment, blackmail, intent to traffic p***.

    The other comment is correct. Facebook will not approve such images. But other sites may accept, and that's what you want to be careful of. Or that your ex is forwarding your photos to his friends...

    I suggest, see if you ignore him how he responds. All contact with him should be via text or email so you have written proof of his threats. Should he continue to pester, tell him you'll go to the cops with your texts and they'll arrest him for possession and intent to sell p***. They will confiscate his phone and computer and all his files and all of his activities will be found. And it won't matter if he's a minor too...So if he wants that s*** on his record...

  • Tell him if he posts without your permission you will sue him. And he won't on Facebook anyway because they would toss them.

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