Told Everyone I got a BJ but I didn't

That a couple of months ago I told the entire football team that I got a BJ from my cousins friend. It was a very wild but extremely believable story and everyone believed me. Pretty soon the entire school had heard about the story. I have always been popular and good looking buy now I think any girl I get at just thinks I want them to blow me and shoot me down. All I want is a girlfriend now.

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  • Unless the story (fake or real) came from you, you don't know what people have heard. Maybe the girls at your school think that you'll talk about them and what does or doesn't happen will be the talk of the school if they go out with you. And keep in mind, you should never expect anything to happen when you go on a date. A girl doesn't have to do anything if she doesn't want to. A better policy, never kiss and tell. It's no one's business but your own. Let this "blow' over (excuse the pun) and when your escapade is ancient history, ask another girl. Give it time. You'll find a girlfriend..but don't start anything with a lie.

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