What is this heartache...

I had a huge crush on this guy from 7th to 10th grade.i was literally mad for him..he didnt knew about me, as he was sort of ''prince charming'' in our school and many girls roams around him.after 10 grade i left that school and went to join college.there i met my guy,with whom i am in relationship till now.suddenly in school alumnai i met him,i was completely forgotten bout him untill that time.we talked,exchange no;s and started talking on phone.i dont know why my heart throbs whenever i used to talk to him..he was also showing interest,i told him casually that i am in relationship..& suddenly his behaviour changed..i was confused..when my bf got to know,,he said he feel insecure whenever i talked about him.i said he is just a good friend and i love you only.i had confusing feeling..i dnt wan to loose either of them,my friend n my love.so i chose my love annd broke all contacts with him.few days back i saw his pic on fb and his condition was not seems to be good.. then there was a sudden ache in my heart,i wanted to call and ask..but i couldnt..i am sorry my friend..

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