Getting Even With Ex Boyfriend

Manny you f****** j***. Thanks for breaking up with me just because I cheated on you only one time. If you weren't such a p**** you would have given me another chance. It's been a month and I'm hurting more each day, but that's okay. I told everybody about how small your d*** is. Have a nice day, j***!

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  • You f****** s***, you have no right to expect to be forgiven for cheating ever. You're not sorry at all either, just sorry you got caught and he wouldn't stay with you while you f*** whoever you feel like. All of you people that think people make mistakes and deserve 2nd chances just think that because you are all whores too, so it isn't a big deal to you.

  • Id prefer to have a small d*** then be known as the ho of the block
    only one time? hah you're a selfish b****

  • Are you kidding? You are mad at your boyfriend because you cheated on HIM and he broke up with you? Why don't you be angry at yourself? You are the one who did this. Maybe he didn't give you a second chance because he wanted someone he could really trust. Why waste time with someone who doesn't care about you? Would you really let someone cheat on you? Grow up.

  • He is a p****! He should have given you another chance. Everybody makes mistakes!

  • What!!!you told everyone that my d*** is small but you still want me back! Doesn't that tell everyone something. Maybe it's because you had never turned me on Grace, that I never really had an pathetic w****!

  • You didn't need that tiny d*** anyway. Now you can get a manly one. Win for you. Loss for him. You were doing him a favor by settling for a smaller d***.

  • So you cheat on him and call him the j***? Completely disregard his feelings for some instant gratification and shift the blame to him? Most men would call you a pathetic w****. But i willfigured give youyou sound advise. Please, seek mental help for your passive aggressive childish behaviour. YOU caused the problem. All it takes is once when it's someone who is truly in love with you. Do you have any idea how you made him feel? If his d*** really is little like you say to all of your friends as a self defense blame shifting justification mechanism, imagine how your cheating makes him feel about it. Do some inward looking before you try to blame others for the problems that YOU and YOU alone cause. If you don't, your life will be filled with misery, self loathing, and hate filled relationships. You will never find happiness with anyone else until you find happiness within yourself.

  • very good advice..couldn't have said it better myself.

  • I applaud you, anon.

  • omg i could hug u for that advice haha but in simpler terms... ur a stupid b**** .. and dude every female says that there ex has a small d*** just saying >.>

  • This is good advice.

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