I don't know how old the guy I'm "seeing" how is, and I don't want to know because this realtionship is purely sexual, carried out by me, and I enjoy it. He knows how to eat my p**** and is the only person in the world to ever make me squirt. On top of that, he tells me how delicious I taste. I don't know how old he is, but he's probably in his late twenties to early thirties, and I'm 18. I can't tell any of my friends how old he may be. but damn, he's good.

May 31, 2012

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  • That's disgusting and he's probably a pedophile who is just aiming for barely legal. Get away from men like that.

  • The only thing thats disgusting is your draconian societal attatude towards age gap, intergenerational relationships and the simple fact of your misuse of the word pedophile which means an attaction to pre-pubescent children.

  • That would make him an ephebophile (which in my opinion there is nothing wrong with that), not a pedophile.

  • Sounds great, you should make a s** video and post it on YuVuTu.com or something so we can all see. Or, atleast take pics of you being a s*** so we can w*** over them.

    Oh, if it helps.. I'll add this: Please?

  • Would you watch the show?

  • H*** yeah I would.

  • Enjoy yourself with him, and allow him to make you feel like you deserve to feel. Stop doing math: it makes no difference whatsoever. If your friends criticize, it's because they're all too immature to attract a man, like you have, as opposed to a series of boys. You chose a man because boys are so disappointing and can't take you to the places --- physically and emotionally --- that you want to go. Get with him, and get your friends out of your way and out of your head. If they really care about you, they'll be thrilled that you got yourself a M-A-N.

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