Stripped by roommates, forced to entertain girlfriends

After college 3 of us were sharing an appartment. The 2 guys were sixfooters while I was just 5'2" and I was very talkative and when they get bugged with my talking, many times they used to grab me and strip me naked and I had to do some silly stuff to make them laugh like finger my ass or draw on my d*** etc. to be let off and sometime I was just made to hang around naked and I did not mind these as all of us were close friends and had seen each other naked and even had no problems wanking to p*** in others presence.

The most embarrassing episode was when one of guy's girlfriend was staying on a weekend. We were watching a movie on TV and I had seen the movie earlier and I think I talked a little too much and the guys got ticked and to my shock they grabbed me and started stripping me. I struggled not to let them strip me as the girl was also there. But she was laughing and I was soon naked and covered my genitals with my hand. I tried to run to the bedroom but the guys held me and the girl was teasing me saying me to remove my hand and be proud of my manhood. The guys pulled my hand away and made me stand facing the girl and I cowered and slid to the floor to avoid the girl from seeing my stuff but the guys pulled my leg up and I was on full display. My pubic hair is usually very thick and bushy and she teased me and said that she wondered if I had any b**** because she could not see them. This made the guys laugh and tease me more and they made me sit on a chair and taped my hands and feet to the chair and put me facing the girl and continued to watch TV. From time to time they made comments about me and I too got used to my situation and started answering them and joined their fun, but after sometime though there was no direct stimulation, I could not control myself and I blew my load and the three of them laughed their heads off while I was embarrassed and shocked at what happened.

After sometime, the girl got a call from one of her friends and she was telling her of how the guys stripped and taped me to the chair and the guys asked her to invite her friend home to watch me and she called her home though I protested and the three of them told me that they are going to have fun with me all night. About half hour later the girl came and I was displayed to her like I was the conquest of some war and they stood around me and teased me. then one guy (the boyfriend) caught my p**** my the head and streched it to its limit and they made fun of me. I had got used to this by now and actually I was also enjoying the fun. The girls got a scissors and trimmed my pubic while the guys were prodding them to snip my p****. Then the guys untaped me and made me bend over the chair so that the girls could throw a ball on my ass and they made fun of how my ass turned red when the ball hit. Then I was asked to w*** as the new girl had not seen my fireworks earlier. After a little prodding from her, I started wanking and cummed very fast that made them laugh at the speed. We watched a DVD over a few drinks and pizza before the girl left home and I was still naked and the official entertainer for the other three till bedtime.

It was embarrassing and fun to be seen and touched by the two girls. I only wish it was all girls and the guys were not present, then I would not have been embarrassed and would have really enjoyed.

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  • !Yeah! college is the place where anything goes. Saw more naked guys there than anywhere else. Sexiest one was watching a naked guy carried out of his dorm room by his mates and down a hallway field with female students. I remember he suffered a very embarrassing erection with no free hands to cover it. Humiliating because girls whipped out their phones and are still looking at very reavealing videos of him.

  • I was 17 when I forced my 14 year old cousin Jerry to get undressed in front of my best girl friend Kathy. We knew he had been peeping on the next door girl while jerking off watching her naked through her window. He was so scared of his Mom finding out about it, we took him into the back shed, made him strip naked and m********* in front of us. He was so embarrassed and nervous we had to do it ourselves. I remember covering his mouth when he came so his Mom wouldn't hear him. It was sexy as h*** watching his stiff d*** shotting out streams of sperm all over the ground. It was also arousing to see his face flushed red with embarrassmet. Dirty secrets always pay off.

  • I often wonder why girls cover their t*** when they get stripped naked. I would think showing off their p**** would be far more humiliting than her b****. Of course, if you end up getting stripped, you end up showing everything anyway. Being a guy, p****** turn me on more and b**** are just and added bonus.

  • Brings back memories from my college years. I was 21 when I was drugged in one of those crazy college drinking parties. I knew it wasn't dunk because I hadn't been drinking enough for that. I ended up raped by several guys in front of everyone in that party. Remember getting strapped naked to a table, two girls spreading my legs while guys played with my b****** and took turns sucking my p****. The strange thing was the next day I wasn't sure if it actually happed. All I could tell was my clothes were partly ripped and my nipples were soar. It all seemed like dream.

  • In college I used to sleep with three other girls in the girl's dorm building. From the begining they didn't get along with me because I was always complaining about their dates coming in to the bedroom. They were always telling me to move out trying to get ride of me. One night I think they mixed sleeping pills in my bottle of orange juice. I never felt them taking off my pajamas or carrying me out of the bedroom. Just remember waking up later spread out naked in a room full of guys with my wrist taped together. I knew my room mates did it because they were there laughing saying "show it all b****" and guys were telling them my p**** tasted good. My embarrassment lasted till they were good and ready to let me go and still had to streak back naked to my bedroom. I remember telling me they had taken revealing naked pictures of me and would used them if I didn't keep quiet about it. The next day I Ieft college, never went back and worried stiff about the naked pictures of me floating out there.

  • I was more embarrassed. At a party frat party, I was a pledge. My broothers tested my loyalty by making me strip for everyone, and then made me wiggle my d*** in front of each of the girls. Two of the girls were pledging a sorority. Their big sisters ordered them to suck me and w*** me an make me c**. To get me harder faster, the pledge-mistress came over to me, opened her bra, and told me to lick her nipples. At the same time, she was playing with my nipples. The girl pledges wanked me so fast, and one sucked my b**** too. Suddenly, I shot the biggest load ever, and it hit one girl/s cleaveage and ran down inside her bra. She played at being mad, but i know she liked it. She cussed at me. The pledge mistress said, "Make that j*** lick it off!" I didn't ant to, and I looked at my pledge master. "Do what she says. you scumbag." I started to cry, but I did my duty as a good pledge. When the party was over, everyone was drunk and falling asleep, including the girls I fell asleep too. When I woke in the morning, I was in the bathtub with bubble bath, and the girls were washing me like a little baby.

  • OMG I am so jealous. I would love to be stripped and humiliated in front of my friends like that.

    from this point on I would also refuse to wear any clothes around the house.

  • Only thing that could make this worse was if you were a ginger.

    Oh wait.. Are you a ginger!?

  • Go choke a Chicken,you B******D.

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