just when i started to believe that

just when i started to believe that everything was going to be ok, my life seems to be crashing down again. i spend a good portion of every day crying. sometimes i long so hard to just not be alone, and it seems to be when that is just impossible. i can not escape my thoughts. i wish i could go back in time... find what i did wrong and fix it. i want my baby to be happy and have everything she needs. the future of her life scares me more than my own.

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  • Oh sweetheart, all us mums have been there *and if any of them say they have not... they are lying* it sounds to me you might have depression, you should see your doctor. our bodies go through massive changes when we give birth, and if we need a little help to rectify the problems, there is nothing wrong with that at all. I wish you the best of luck.. and if you ever need anyone to talk to.. leave a message here and ill write back and give you my email address. Best of luck

  • You could use a little help. Try your primary physician for starters. Good luck.

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