Maybe I'm A Perverted Woman

Lots of times my dog sticks his nose between my legs. I always giggle and push him away, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be naked and let my dog do whatever he wanted. I have even made myself c** thinking about lying on my bed naked with my dog's head between my legs licking my p**** until I had a big o*****.

I know it's disgusting, but for some reason my mind goes there. Maybe I'm a little perverted.

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  • How do you find women on Craigslist who love getting f***** by a big dog c*** email me thanks

  • However, when I dryer off after the shower i sat in an easy chair naked and my female German Shepard started liking my leg then my thigh then frightened the bejesus out me when she went for my c*** and b**** buy she was gentle and very vigorous. She licked with her huge tongue like a machine and my.c*** and b**** were flopping around like crazy and I came like I've never c** since. Thing is, she also licked my bum and that blew me away.

    I could have married her 😅.lol.
    She didn't want to cuddle or talk after either or tell me i could have done better.

    If only women were as good at head as my dog was.

  • Did you hear about the woman that let a dog lick her bleeding arm?
    Her arm became infected, the infection spread and she lost the arm and a leg.
    Apparently dogs have diseases in their saliva that can kill a human.
    Dogs pick up diseases not harmful to them and carry them on their tongues.
    True story. Look it up.

  • Lie , dogs licks clean wounds you dumbass

  • I can imagine that, gave me a huge erection

  • Im rubbing my p*ssy

  • Your conffession gave me such a throbbing erection

  • A little perverted u are the most worped person in the land

  • I've done it many times with each of our family dogs starting as a teenager to as recent as last night while my husband was asleep in our bedroom. Be nice it's not only a one way street.

  • Send me video to

  • Wow

  • Hi did the dog knot in you email me

  • Mmmmmmm, that is a turn on

  • This something that i enjoy also

  • Come baby let mw lick tour p****

  • Go for it baby. Let him lick that p**** until you c**. I would suggest letting him f*** you. You can get the pleasure of having bareback s** and a nice creampie without the risk of getting pregnant. You only live once so do whatever makes that p**** feel good.

  • The dogs a girl you muppet

  • If you see a hot woman walking an intact dog chances are near 90% he is her main lover. There will be a ton of religious nuts who will blah blah, but why have that rule? only because the men running the church knew there were many women who did do that, as well as the temple priestesses who gave s** for goods donated to the church. Take your time, but every woman I know who has tried oit loves it, though nearly all say they need more than one. Good rule of thumb, 4 unless you are highly sexed, then open a kennel.

  • K9 girls or dog lovers are everywhere. Look on craigslist...

  • Wat do you type in on craiglist to find them email me

  • Totally hot and have always wondered if woman would really do that. I would love to correspod with one of the ladies and if your close by me in SF Bay Area then I maybe I could watch. My email

    Or I could listen and j*** off to it.

  • I let my husband watch while our dog licks me,he sits there wanking his c*** asking me to let it f*** me

  • So would I w*** watching, I bet your hubby shot his load and did you let the dog f*** you?

  • I am 35 and clean a home for a 75 yr old senior man that has a VERY friendly to women dog. I 'borrow' him for a girlfriend and me for a few hours a few times a week and the he LOVES lending him to us for the morning. Sick for some, a pleasure for us and he pays well for that too (kinky b******).

  • I can relate in a way. I'm 26 and was having trouble making ends meet for college so I became a sugar baby for a old wealthy man in Dallas TX, he owned a ranch with lots of animals on it. One particular night he had friends come over to watch me perform. They paid me to have s** with two bonobo apes and several dogs. I'm not ashamed to say the best s** I've ever had.

  • Did you blow the apes and dogs

  • Im a Gentleman Dom and have a girlfriend who wants to but scared to,, love to chat with a real secret friend who has actually done this,,, email me

  • Email me

  • Do you like the apes c**** and c**

  • Do you have s** with other animals there

  • A vibrating electric toy or a canines tongue, the result is the same.
    And yes, you are perverted, but so am I.

  • I use an electric tooth brush on my c***, GOD!! it makes me c**, you should try it.

  • Send me a pic mmmmm

  • S***!, Your Not Perverted, I'm a Woman Myself and Think i Could Make myself C** too When thinking about a Dog just licking away at my P**** with his big Sloppy Tongue, It's getting me aroused right now just thinking about it Lol, I think i'm gonna go M*********, Bye=)

  • Great minds think like, I've already got my knickers off ;)

  • Mee too baby id love to have some fun with you

  • Yes, you are a perverted woman, and that's a good thing.


  • Let's play horse. I'll be the front end and you be yourself.

  • You sound hot. If you live anywhere near Montclair, NJ, we should hook up.

  • Email or number ?

  • Um well it's illegal to have s** with an animal.
    I would suggest you do this with a human instead.

  • actually its not in some states of america you can marry animals and in Britain just search zootube on google if it was illegal then this site (zootube) would be down

  • NO WHERE in the world allows people to marry non human animals!

  • You get some lovely vids of horses to, soo nice and big ;)

  • I do this all the time, hit me up if you want to discuss.


  • Hi I love watching dog f*** women email me please thanks

  • Sure let's meet

  • ????

  • i guess u should allow yr dog to lick yr p**** n njoy de fellings coz dis is de best fellin ever dat never a guy cn do it for u !

  • Dang! I love perverted women.

  • It's not as uncommon a fantasy as you may think. I've Watched two women do it, and they loved the experience.

    If he naturally wants to lick, or even mount, you. Where is the harm?

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