Maybe I'm A Perverted Woman

Lots of times my dog sticks his nose between my legs. I always giggle and push him away, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be naked and let my dog do whatever he wanted. I have even made myself c** thinking about lying on my bed naked with my dog's head between my legs licking my p**** until I had a big o*****.

I know it's disgusting, but for some reason my mind goes there. Maybe I'm a little perverted.



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  • If you like having a dog lick you down there or even mount you, go for it. It doesn't matter what other people think.

  • Just be aware in many states you can be arrested

  • Sit on the edge of a chair with your knees apart and your feet up on the cushion. When puppy comes over for a sniff, give a quick little spurt if pee on his nose. The scent will drive him mad and he will start licking you. Keep treating him with little spurts of your pee and see where it takes you

  • I see nothing wrong with a woman having s** with dogs.

  • I would like to eat your pu

  • I think it’s totally hot! I think anything that makes your p**** wet and happy is good! It could be a pillow you hump, a dog’s big wet tongue lapping at your armpits, nipples, c***, slit, and butt hole, another woman’s p**** hotly scissor grinding on yours, your own man beautifully thrusting in you, or a dog jack-hammering into you spurting copious amounts of c** up into you... Whatever brings on the o******, whatever keeps your p**** wet and your c*** satisfied is ALL good! A dog is just for raw s** that he initiates (which is not raping an animal!) and a p**** to grind on is just for s** & o******, too. A man is for great s** and LOVE, for an actual relationship. Everything else is just a form of masturbation. A pillow, another warm wet p****, a dog’s tongue and c***, they’re all just like s** toys, but a man is about s** AND love, and I think there’s room in life for ALL of it! It’s yummy, it’s h****, it makes a p**** nice & wet, and it’s totally hot! Anything goes! Enjoy yourself fully, especially sexually...

  • "A little perverted" Maybe just a tad perverted. Lets keep it in your head and not in reality.

  • One of my ex-es admitted to me she regyralurl let her dog et her out

  • Leviticus 18:23 - Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it [is] confusion.

    Exodus 22:19 - Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death.

    Deuteronomy 27:21 - Cursed [be] he that lieth with any manner of beast. And all the people shall say, Amen.

    Leviticus 20:15-16 - And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. (Read More...)

    1 Corinthians 6:9 - Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

    Romans 1:24-25 - Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: (Read More...)

    Galatians 5:19-21 - Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, (Read More...)

    2 Corinthians 12:21 - [And] lest, when I come again, my God will humble me among you, and [that] I shall bewail many which have sinned already, and have not repented of the uncleanness and fornication and lasciviousness which they have committed. Animal abuser taking advantage of pets.

  • You want to sound like a Christian; yet, you spend time reading the stuff which you condemn! Get a life d******! bobby

  • She’s probably getting her do to lick her p**** while reading her Bible making her feel in heaven lol.

  • Now quote "Harry Potter"


  • Mmm so hot !

  • Well I must be a perverted woman too. Because when I was 12 or maybe just turned 13 . My Guy friend's Dad had a big old red hunting dog. I had always noticed his big c*** hanging down, and often saw him laying in the yard licking the red part of it over and over. One day however I had walked over and was sitting on their back steps waiting for them to get home. I saw him beside the building licking that his c***. Don't know what came over me . But I knew no one could see me where he was laying so I went down to him . I wanted to try to feel that big c*** in my hand so bad. He stood up when I got to him and the red went back in. But I started petting him and worked my hands to his stomach and slowly on down until at last I was rubbing that dig warm hunk of meet in my hands. I still clearly recall hoe nervous and excited and hot I felt at that moment.He quickly started licking my hand and his c*** at the same time. It was so fat in my hand and so warm. But when the red part started coming back out I freaked a little and ran back to the porch. I think about it most every time I see a dogs c***. And would like to get another try someday.

  • You should let the dog f*** you deep. Great feeling!

  • Hi Lisa I did that and the hunting dog got so excited and was interested so much. I got so excited and my mind could only think of one thing. this dog wanted to f.u.c.k me. I was in a private place so I removed my jeans and panties while he tried to lick me. I got on all fours and and he stated licking me oh it was so good, For some reason I reached back and patted my butt. He jumped up on me and wrapped his very strong legs and paws around my tummy. Then I thought to reach back and grab his c o c k and guided it to my sweet opening. Oh within a instant he stuck his c o c k into me. It went deep into me and he pushed so hard. I felt his c*** get so very big, then I realized that he was stuck in my P u s s y. It did not hurt very much but I was so very scared I did not know that a dog would get stuck in me. I then started to relax and accept him in me. When i did this it started to feel good it was so tight putting pressure on my sweet tender spot. I could feel his very hot c.u m squirting in me, soon It started to tickle and next thing I found myself having a huge o*****. I had masturbated before but this feeling was so very good. it was the best that I ever had. I was a virgin and 15 years old. After about 25 minutes and 4 o****** later he went softer and his c o c k popped out. I will never ever forget and it was the best F****** i n g I have had I am 45 now, You missed a lovely chance

  • I hear you and I love that the dog made you feel in heaven. I’m a male 72 years old when I was in my late twenties I let my dog f*** me it felt so good. My wife was at her mothers. I have never gotten the chance to do it again but would love to experience it one more time. How does one find individuals who are into bea?

  • Have you ever become a b**** to a dog that has knotted you. serious question

  • Thats the hottest story ive ever heard

  • That got so turned on i had to j*** my own hard c***!

  • Thank you so very much for sharing something so very personal. Years ago I had an alcoholic wife with whom I hardly ever had s**. We had a calf and I trained her to suck my d*** anytime I wanted, which was often because of my wife's disinterest. All I had to do was hang it out where she could see it and she'd come running and latch on and start sucking. She'd have all six inches in her mouth and when I started c******, she put her sucking in overdrive. I stood it as long as I could and pulled out. that was the ultimate BJ. Now I'm alone with no girl friend or calf. What a mess! Bobby

  • I went out to feed our dog one day and I caught my sister doing it with him. She looked like she was enjoying it.

  • How old is your sister?

  • I hope you do too, and hope to read about that as well

  • You are experiencing what many ladies go thru when their dogs sniff and try to lick their p******. Many eventually drop their panties and let him lick away while she has the big "O". Later on the temptation to let him mount and enter her is overwhelming and she submits. Thus a whole new relationship evolves, and she has all the c*** she wants whenever she wants it. So, be a brave girl and get started and remember to share all the juicy details with us. I wish I had a woman like you and a Lab or Shepherd to accommodate you. Please write back with updates, complete with all the juicy details. Bobby

  • Love your comment

  • My husband watches while our lab knots me all the time!

  • I would love to be him that is so hot

  • I am a male when I was younger I was jerking off to a pair of my mothers panties holding them to my mouth and nose licking and sniffing her panties that's when our dog walked over to me and started licking my b**** I liked it so I put one foot on my bed spreading my cheeks letting him have his way with my rear working his tounge into my hole I could see his rod was getting hard so I put my mothers panties over my face so that I was still able to sniff and taste the crotch while I got on my hands and knees he mounted Me I could feel his rod trying to find its way to my hole so I reached around and guided it into my rear once he was in I could feel his large rod as he was humping back and fourth at the same time I am sniffing and licking the crotch of my moms

  • Sounds like he has as much fun as you seeing his wife satisfy

  • TO ALL H**** LADIES !!! I think it's hot that women liked f****** dog c*** and horse c***. My wife enjoyed F****** dog c*** and we tried it with a horse too. I would like to hear from women who love beastiaility s** and doing male threesomes with their hubby or man . I did many threesomes with my wife and my brother and sister were part of some regularly. Like to share my stories with you via snail mail . Plz share yours with me to .write me to
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  • That's hot my wife liked f****** my friends pit buu

  • If any females really lets fheir dog. Alot of females is all talk. But if u really do ldt ur dog. Add me on snapchat. Andyc2104

  • I don't see anything wrong if your both enjoying what you are doing, it happened to unintended it was a hot day one Sunday it was about 35 C I only had a short loose dress on I was bent over looking in a kitchen cupboard when I felt the dogs breath on y privates he started licking my v***** I backed out and got down on my hands and knees with my head near the floor to open my v***** up and let him go to work, but I got more than I bargained for he was on me an in me, I have been doing it ever since and I don't feel bad in fact I feel very good

  • Plz write to me and share your hot story with me.ive been in prison over 17yrs now. Me and my wife loved beastiaility and to this day I think about it. I promise to be Discrete.
    Juan Guillen T57240
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  • How do you find women on Craigslist who love getting f***** by a big dog c*** email me thanks

  • However, when I dryer off after the shower i sat in an easy chair naked and my female German Shepard started liking my leg then my thigh then frightened the bejesus out me when she went for my c*** and b**** buy she was gentle and very vigorous. She licked with her huge tongue like a machine and my.c*** and b**** were flopping around like crazy and I came like I've never c** since. Thing is, she also licked my bum and that blew me away.

    I could have married her 😅.lol.
    She didn't want to cuddle or talk after either or tell me i could have done better.

    If only women were as good at head as my dog was.

  • Did you hear about the woman that let a dog lick her bleeding arm?
    Her arm became infected, the infection spread and she lost the arm and a leg.
    Apparently dogs have diseases in their saliva that can kill a human.
    Dogs pick up diseases not harmful to them and carry them on their tongues.
    True story. Look it up.

  • That’s total bullshit

  • Lie , dogs licks clean wounds you dumbass

  • I can imagine that, gave me a huge erection

  • Im rubbing my p*ssy

  • Write me plz I've been in prison over 17yrs now h**** as h*** I love beastiaility stories plz share I'll do same. Juan Guillen T57240
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  • Your conffession gave me such a throbbing erection

  • A little perverted u are the most worped person in the land

  • You are even more warped; after all, you get great pleasure reading this mail: otherwise, you wouldn't even on this site. Just saying, Bobby.

  • I've done it many times with each of our family dogs starting as a teenager to as recent as last night while my husband was asleep in our bedroom. Be nice it's not only a one way street.

  • The essence of a good story is in the details. We love to read all about how it started, progressed and culminated with a mind blowing o*****. Please ladies, rewrite your experience complete with how it started, progressed and culminated with all the juicy details, especially your feelings at every stage of the event including the intensity of your o*****. I would so love to have a lady who is into dog s** and who would let me have her afterwards. Bobby

  • He may enjoy watching you and the dog. My wife has s** with our dog and I enjoy watching them.

  • Send me video to

  • Wow

  • Hi did the dog knot in you email me

  • Mmmmmmm, that is a turn on

  • This something that i enjoy also

  • Come baby let mw lick tour p****

  • Go for it baby. Let him lick that p**** until you c**. I would suggest letting him f*** you. You can get the pleasure of having bareback s** and a nice creampie without the risk of getting pregnant. You only live once so do whatever makes that p**** feel good.

  • The dogs a girl you muppet

  • If you see a hot woman walking an intact dog chances are near 90% he is her main lover. There will be a ton of religious nuts who will blah blah, but why have that rule? only because the men running the church knew there were many women who did do that, as well as the temple priestesses who gave s** for goods donated to the church. Take your time, but every woman I know who has tried oit loves it, though nearly all say they need more than one. Good rule of thumb, 4 unless you are highly sexed, then open a kennel.

  • K9 girls or dog lovers are everywhere. Look on craigslist...

  • Wat do you type in on craiglist to find them email me

  • Totally hot and have always wondered if woman would really do that. I would love to correspod with one of the ladies and if your close by me in SF Bay Area then I maybe I could watch. My email

    Or I could listen and j*** off to it.

  • I let my husband watch while our dog licks me,he sits there wanking his c*** asking me to let it f*** me

  • I would to

  • So would I w*** watching, I bet your hubby shot his load and did you let the dog f*** you?

  • I am 35 and clean a home for a 75 yr old senior man that has a VERY friendly to women dog. I 'borrow' him for a girlfriend and me for a few hours a few times a week and the he LOVES lending him to us for the morning. Sick for some, a pleasure for us and he pays well for that too (kinky b******).

  • I can relate in a way. I'm 26 and was having trouble making ends meet for college so I became a sugar baby for a old wealthy man in Dallas TX, he owned a ranch with lots of animals on it. One particular night he had friends come over to watch me perform. They paid me to have s** with two bonobo apes and several dogs. I'm not ashamed to say the best s** I've ever had.

  • Did you blow the apes and dogs

  • Im a Gentleman Dom and have a girlfriend who wants to but scared to,, love to chat with a real secret friend who has actually done this,,, email me

  • Email me

  • Do you like the apes c**** and c**

  • Do you have s** with other animals there

  • A vibrating electric toy or a canines tongue, the result is the same.
    And yes, you are perverted, but so am I.

  • I use an electric tooth brush on my c***, GOD!! it makes me c**, you should try it.

  • Send me a pic mmmmm

  • S***!, Your Not Perverted, I'm a Woman Myself and Think i Could Make myself C** too When thinking about a Dog just licking away at my P**** with his big Sloppy Tongue, It's getting me aroused right now just thinking about it Lol, I think i'm gonna go M*********, Bye=)

  • Great minds think like, I've already got my knickers off ;)

  • Mee too baby id love to have some fun with you

  • Yes, you are a perverted woman, and that's a good thing.


  • You sound like the pot calling the kettle black. You clearly love reading this stuff; otherwise, you would not even be on this sit you freaking hypocrit! Just saying, bobby

  • Let's play horse. I'll be the front end and you be yourself.

  • You sound hot. If you live anywhere near Montclair, NJ, we should hook up.

  • Email or number ?

  • Um well it's illegal to have s** with an animal.
    I would suggest you do this with a human instead.

  • actually its not in some states of america you can marry animals and in Britain just search zootube on google if it was illegal then this site (zootube) would be down

  • Don't pay the self-righteous 'no mind'. Cohabitation outside of marriage is illegal in most states too and you don't see anyone being arrested for that. It's the illegality that jakes anything outside of intercourse called perverted and more exciting.

  • NO WHERE in the world allows people to marry non human animals!

  • You get some lovely vids of horses to, soo nice and big ;)

  • I do this all the time, hit me up if you want to discuss.


  • Hi I love watching dog f*** women email me please thanks

  • Sure let's meet

  • ????

  • i guess u should allow yr dog to lick yr p**** n njoy de fellings coz dis is de best fellin ever dat never a guy cn do it for u !

  • Dang! I love perverted women.

  • It's not as uncommon a fantasy as you may think. I've Watched two women do it, and they loved the experience.

    If he naturally wants to lick, or even mount, you. Where is the harm?

  • I have easily 'persuaded' six women to try s** play (in some form) with dogs. Only one said it did nothing for her and wouldnt ever try it again. (I suspect guilt played a part because she DID seem to like it at the time. Three loved it and even ended up going 'all the way' with a dog. (& loving it) Two others were quite happy to be licked to o*****, but didnt want his p**** in them. This post is true it is NOT as rare as people think.. Women in the height of excitment will be very 'naughty' indeed. These six were not whores, but wives and mothers with a healthy s** drive, just provided someone could switch it on.

  • Since I see this subject is not so rare, I have to relate what I know on the subject. Some of it is hearsay until I saw more proof of the subject.. When I was fresh out of college and still a neophyte on s** and its many deviations, I worked in a hospital. There was this one middle-aged female doctor of European descent whose husband owned this large Great Dane and he died young and left the majority of his estate to the dog and to his wife only as long as she tool very good care of the dog. She was a strange lady and there were rumors that she had a stronger connection to the dog than just the money of the estate. I thought at the time it was funny and that folks wjre iust being prurient-minded. About five-years later I was working in a different town and when running errands out and about used to see this doctor everyday walking this huge dog and it occurred to me maybe there was some truth to the rumors as I knew her being a widow and this dog was obviously very hung. A number of times that I saw her walking him she had the same sour look on her face but then noted that occasionally the dog would poke its nose up her dress and her smile would appear! One day while she was walking him on a back-street she bent down to pick up something and all-of-a0sudden the dog jumps up on her back with it's front paws over her shoulders and while she was trying to brush him off this huge mis-shapened p*nis is flopping around, but her dress was in the way. I no longer accepted this as rumor. There is no way she could have fought off that dog all those years without it getting its own way. And otherwise wouldn't she have had him fixed?

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